In “The Girl Who Told Time,” The Magicians once again find themselves splitting time between Fillory and Earth, with Eliot and Margo frosting-deep in royal wedding planning and Quentin and Julia on an inter-dimensional hunt for Julia’s shade. Not to be forgotten, Kady and Penny spend their time between Earth and the realm of the Order, the world of the librarians, as Penny starts his new job.


Julia is set free from Brakebills since it is an educational institution, not a penitentiary, but Professor Fogg, who comes into play in a big a way, further into the episode. Quentin returns to Earth on a wedding quest for Eliot, but in the process (and in his pattern of self-medication) gets higher than Willie Nelson on tour and hallucinates a young Julia. Except it’s not a hallucination, (though some would argue it still is). The young Julia is Julia’s shade, begging Quentin to save her.

Quentin, after reconnection with shade-less Julia, discern that Fogg is the only person who would know about shades and how to rescue them. Except he doesn’t know, but rather, he knows someone who does. This someone being Alice. But not the Alice that Quentin set free just days ago, but rather a different Alice that exists in a different dimension.

Fogg warns of the risks and the deaths that have come from attempts at interdimensional communications, but Quentin and Julia push forward with a flection spell that allow for two dimensions to temporary fold into one another. So Fogg and Julia cast a life threatening spell that places Alice and Quentin face to face yet again. This alterna-Alice tells Quentin that shades exist in an underworld realm and the only way to reach them is through an ancient gatekeeper, whose location is unknown. This is all she knows, but before leaving, gives Quentin closure once again, by saying goodbye, this time from the heart.

Julia, researches and finds that the gatekeeper is not a “who” but a “what.” It’s an ancient dragon. 

Somewhere in Between

Penny, fulfilling his pact with the librarians in exchange for working, magical hands, begins his work at the Order and his first task is to recover a very, very, very overdue book. This leads Kady and him to a BuzzFeed-esque new site run by a magician who encodes spells into clickbait articles. She takes a shining to Kady and lets her in on a little secret: that the Order holds every piece of information known to The Magicians, no matter what they say. Kady, who has been running into issues with the Order librarians, finds this helpful as now she knows there exists a book that will give her a spell to kill Reynard.

Upon their return, they find that the recovered spell book is enchanted with a spell that forces one to lose control of their body which is thrust upon a poor library aide, who kills himself as opposed to succumbing to the spell. Turns out the spell was going to force him to open The Poison Room which is where all the knowledge too dark for the masses is kept, and coincidentally where the book on how to kill Reynard is hidden.


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Eliot is being a groomzilla and Margo is being the wedding planner from heaven as they both plan the Fillorian inter-kingdom polyamorous wedding. Though the whole kingdom still disproves of Eliot with his approval still quite low amongst his subjects according to Baylor, the imprison Foo Fighter who attempted to kill him once before. In midst of figuring out his wedding cake, Eliot stumbles upon a note hidden in the food with instructions on how to storm the castle during the ceremony, presumably written by Baylor.


After using a locator spell to find them, Eliot sends his trusty cook to go drug them so that they can’t tell their fingers from their toes, let alone try to kill him on his wedding day. While one problem ends, another arises, as the fairies start to plague the castle, stalking Eliot’s wife and her unborn child, a baby that is technically the fairies after Margo’s agreement. Though it seem to be nonthreatening for awhile, the fairies snatch the Eliot’s wife and the baby away in the end, off to parts unknown. 

Do you think Margo will tell Eliot about his missing wife and baby?


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