Just as things are warming up for Caitlin and Julian on The Flash, this episode, titled “Abra Kadabra,” shows how fast that can change. The team deals with an enemy from the future (the 64th century, to be specific). And while Gypsy’s back and also looking to catch Abra Kadabra, not everyone’s in agreement about what to do with him.

Meanwhile, the clock continues to tick as the day that Iris is going to die approaches — but, hey, as long as she lives, she’s going to be able to see Hamilton for free in July, so that’s something — but will Barry’s next move to try to save her work?

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Hocus Pocus, Abra Kadabra!

Everyone is pretty motivated to catch whoever’s going around town stealing from tech companies — he hits Stagg Industries and Kord Industries before Gypsy shows up — because they want to focus on saving Iris. But with Abra Kadabra teasing Barry with his knowledge of Iris’ fate and Savitar, Barry, Joe and Iris become focused on what might be their first real lead on their enemy. But Gypsy is determined to catch the man at the top of the collectors’ most wanted list on her Earth for theft and murder.

And as much as Cisco might like to talk about their kiss, Gypsy’s focus is entirely on catching Abra Kadabra. Just as the team thinks they have him in Mercury Labs, they discover that he’s just a hologram, while the real Abra Kadabra has popped into STAR Labs. Joe fends him off long enough for Caitlin to activate the panic button on her phone, but when Barry cuffs him, Abra Kadabra offers to tell him Savitar’s name if he lets him go.

It’s into the pipeline for Abra Kadabra, but Gypsy makes it clear that once they get what they need, she’s taking him back to her Earth to see him sentenced to death. The only problem with that? Abra Kadabra won’t tell them who Savitar is (but does enjoy taunting Barry with the fact that he doesn’t defeat him until he takes what matters most to him) unless they let him go.

That’s not something they can do, though, or is it? Barry seems to be considering it, arguing, “Don’t we deserve one win after everything that we’ve done?” “You can save my life, not him,” Iris insists. She refuses to let someone like Abra Kadabra free just to save her life, and she knows that Barry doesn’t want to let that happen either.

But with his daughter’s life on the line, Joe is a little more willing to make a deal with Abra Kadabra. However, after he’s opened the door and Abra Kadabra is about to tell him who Savitar is — or at least making it sound like he will — Gypsy shows up and Abra Kadabra escapes. After a quick stop in the time vault to grab a piece of tech, he uses an explosion in his escape, an explosion that leaves Caitlin impaled.

Central City Residents Must Be Used to This By Now

Gypsy blames Joe for Abra Kadabra’s escape. But as Joe puts it, he took two oaths in his life, one to uphold the law and one to protect his family. There’s no question as to which one takes priority. After Cisco overhears this, he confronts Gypsy about the person she alluded to losing because of Abra Kadabra, and she reveals that he killed her partner three years ago. She’s going to make him pay for what he did.

But first, he has to be caught, which is going to be much harder to do once they figure out why Abra Kadabra is stealing tech: to build a time machine and get back to the future. He took the power source for it from the time vault. Once he opens a temporal wormhole, they’ll be able to track him, but they can’t let him go through it. That means they have to work together.

That’s exactly what Barry, Wally, Cisco and Gypsy do as Abra Kadabra tries to fly his time machine through a temporal wormhole in the middle of Central City. Barry manages to knock Abra Kadabra out of the machine just before it enters the wormhole, and Gypsy happily collects him for the crime of mass murder.

As for Savitar’s identity, Barry may be willing to let Gypsy bring Abra Kadabra back to Earth-19, but he still tries to appeal to the part of him that cares about his friends and family. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work because Abra Kadabra sees this as his chance to kill Iris too. According to Abra Kadabra, he was always jealous because Savitar truly broke Barry.

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Sure, This Plan Doesn’t Sound Like It Will Backfire At All…

The most heartbreaking part of the episode is easily Joe confessing to Iris that he was terrified that she would die in the middle of the night when she was a baby. He wouldn’t leave and would just sit in her room and watch her sleep, praying that she’d just keep breathing. “That’s how I feel right now,” he admits. “I don’t know what I can do to save you.”

But Barry does. Abra Kadabra and Savitar have been one step ahead of them because they know what’s going to happen. If the answers they need to stop Savitar and save Iris are in the future, that’s where he needs to go. Barry’s going to run to the future.

From Frosty to…?

Things may start off frosty between the two at the beginning of the episode, but Caitlin does get the chance to apologize to Julian for being so focused on not hurting him as Killer Frost that she forgot she could hurt him as Caitlin Snow before having the opportunity to prove just how much she trusts him by putting her life in his hands.

After she’s injured and the X-ray shows pieces of shrapnel insider her, their only option is to have Julian use his (very little, apparently) experience as a field medic to operate on her while she stays awake and walks him through it. It’s painful, but it’s better than the alternative to save her: taking off her necklace and letting her meta side save her. She’d rather die, she tells the others.

And everything seems to be fine after that. Caitlin’s recovering. She and Julian are back on track. H.R. finally shows up after being MIA for a couple of days, but no one needs the details about that. Then Caitlin starts seizing, and nothing Julian does can save her — except taking off her necklace, even as Cisco reminds him that it’s not what she wanted. Caitlin’s alive and her wound is healed, but Killer Frost has taken over and blasts everyone back.  

Is Barry’s plan to run to the future a good one? Do you think Caitlin can regain control or is Killer Frost here to stay? Do you want to see Gypsy again? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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