Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#12 Jack’s Eye

The episode opens on Jack’s eye opening, just like the opening of the “Pilot” and many episodes since.

#11 Jack Sews Up Kate

In this episode, Jack sews up Kate’s bullet wound on the Island. In the “Pilot,” Kate sewed up Jack.

#10 The Mark on Jack’s Neck

Jack notices a strange mark on his neck like the one he first saw on Oceanic 815 in the altverse.

#9 Jack in the Mirror

Throughout the season, the characters in the altverse have stared at themselves in a mirror or other reflective surface. In this episode, Jack has a momentary tic while looking at himself in his bathroom mirror.

#8 Ben in the Mirror

After being beaten by Desmond, Ben stares at his own reflection in a mirror in the school nurse’s room.

#7 Nurse Kondracki

The school nurse who takes care of Ben after Desmond beats him up is named Ms. Kondracki. That is the same nurse who the principal had an affair with, as Ben learned in “Dr. Linus.”

#6 Kidnapping Ben

Danielle Rousseau insists that Ben come to dinner, even if they need to kidnap him. In the original timeline, Ben kidnapped Danielle’s daughter when Alex was a baby.

#5 Mistaking Coincidence for Fate

Jack tells Locke that he’s confusing coincidence for fate when Locke explains why he wants the surgery. Mr. Eko accused Locke of the same thing when he brought Locke the missing piece of the Swan Orientation film and Locke repeated the phrase while talking to Desmond in season 3.

#4 “Now You’re Like Me”

After Jacob makes Jack drink from the cup to become the protector, he says “Now you’re like me.” This is nearly identical to when Jacob’s Mother made him drink and then told him that they were the same.

#3 Hurley and Ana Lucia

When Hurley sees Ana Lucia, he instantly recognizes her, suggesting that he has all of the memories of the original timeline.

#2 Hurley’s Cars

Hurley drives up in his yellow Hummer, seen previously in both the altverse and the original timeline. He also brings his Camaro for Desmond, the car he and his father restored in the original timeline.

#1 Fail-Safe

According to Flocke, Widmore described Desmond as Jacob’s fail-safe to make sure the Smoke Monster would fail. Desmond famously pressed the fail-safe in the Swan at the end of season 2 to release the build-up of electromagnetic energy, causing the Hatch implosion.

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