I’m going to honest: this season of The Good Wife has felt a little lackluster in recent weeks. Yes, there were the usual perfectly cast guest stars and there were some big dramatic changes (Will’s investigation and suspension, Alicia and Will’s steamy affair earlier on, the sensitive relationship between Alicia and Kalinda) – but it just hasn’t felt as exciting or compelling. I still love the characters (and am so happy Cary has returned to the dark side!), but I feel like there are so many threads that still need to be addressed in the season finale next Sunday.

Here are the loose ends I hope are tied up (or at least addressed) in the finale:

  • Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship – are they fully past Kalinda’s affair now? Can we move on to the point where they are each other’s confidants?
  • Can Will’s suspension finally end so that he returns as rightful partner at the firm? And so that the stealthy vying for his spot (from the likes of Eli Gold and David Lee) can cease?
  • What about this new Callie character – is she going to stick around? Are Will and Alicia (romantically) over for good?
  • Will Lemond Bishop inflict harm on the normally impenetrable Kalinda?
  • Will something (using “something” very loosely here) between Kalinda and Cary, now that he’s back?
  • What was that phone call from Peter to Cary about? Will they continue some sort of relationship even after he’s left?
  • What happened to Diane’s dual love life, balancing two men at the same time?
  • Will Peter win the governor’s election? (This one probably won’t be answered until late next season, but still — gotta wonder.)
  • How will the attempt by Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning (i.e. Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox) to bankrupt Lockhart Gardener go down? Will we see more of these two (paired together) in the future?

Obviously, not all of these points will be fleshed out in one episode, but given that it’s the finale, I really hope the show leaves us with a story that’s satisfying (for its large ensemble) enough, but still leaves us with enough of an open ending to eagerly look forward to season 4. What do you all think? Have you enjoyed this season as much as previous ones? Are you looking forward to next week’s finale?

Check out the preview for the “The Dream Team” below, then tune in for the concluding episode on Sunday at 9pm on CBS.

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Jenn Lee

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