For most shows, the reveal at the end of last week’s episode–Alicia bested Cary to get the associate’s job–would have been the season finale. But not on The Good Wife, which continues to  examine the fallout from the decision.  Everyone is telling Alicia she’s a good lawyer, but she has to decide for herself if she’s still a good woman.

The mysterious name of this week’s episode, “Hybristophilia,” describes a condition where someone (usually a woman) has the irresistible urge to be with a dangerous man. As with all the show’s titles, the meaning carries weight beyond the show. For Alicia, whether that “dangerous man” is Peter or Will remains to be seen.

For the Record

For this week’s central case, we welcome back Colin Sweeney, the wealthy businessman played by the wonderfully creepy Dylan Baker. Alicia and co. successfully defended him of the murder of his wife several episodes back, even though Alicia knew in her heart he was guilty.

Despite evidence that points to Sweeney’s guilt, this time Alicia believes that he acted in self-defense to ward off an obsessed stalker. Unfortunately for Sweeney, however, his company is undergoing a merger–also being handled by Lockhart-Gardner. Sweeney is smart enough to figure out he’ll be worth more money out of the way, behind bars. Alicia admits as much to him, but says she’s not sure he can win in court; the plea the DA offered might be safer. He thanks her for her honesty–and then admits that he did in fact kill his wife. He’ll be going to jail for the crime he didn’t commit, which he ruefully admits is some kind of karmic justice. The persistently snarky sociopath is amused by the look of surprise and disgust on Alicia’s face.


One of the hallmarks of The Good Wife is the quality of the supporting cast. In evidence this week: Alan Cumming’s portrayal of Eli Gold, Peter’s campaign manager. We’ve already seen him make short work of Zach’s (now-ex) girlfriend for smearing Alicia’s name. This week, he visits FBI Agent Delaney–who has it in for Peter, but has the hots for Kalinda–and reveals that he knows all about the Bureau’s “secret investigation” of Peter.

Delaney tells her she doesn’t care–the FBI won’t back down. He counters by showing her a photo of one of her agents spying on the Florricks. Then he pulls out a poster-sized version of the photo. Then a bag of photo buttons to give reporters. Then coffee mugs, plus a mouse pad, just for her. As he leaves the flabbergasted Delaney behind with the warning that Peter still has a lot of fight left in him, he slaps a photo magnet on her desk lamp. Perfection.

Friends of the Court

As Sweeney mulls his plea deal, Peter’s new lawyer, Ms. Tascioni, tries to get his corruption charges dropped. (Apparently Daniel Golden has gone to work for the Obama White House–who knew?) Glenn Childs uses some tricky maneuvering to get video testimony of the late Tony Kozco admitted into evidence to use against Peter. Childs even tries to implicate Peter in Kozco’s disappearance.

But Ms. Tascioni does a little maneuvering herself, hustling Childs and the judge into thinking she’s not quite on the ball. They play right into her hands, whereupon she makes this week’s big reveal–Kozko’s not dead! He’s just hanging out in the Cayman Islands, withdrawing money from offshore funds. Peter is free at last, cutting off his ankle bracelet at a big party at the apartment.

Meanwhile, the unemployed Cary, embittered because he (erroneously) thinks Alicia slept with Will to get the associate’s job, takes an offer from Childs. And he takes the position promising to help Childs take down Alicia and Peter. This fight isn’t over yet.

According to next week’s season finale preview, Peter announces his campaign to regain his old job–the one Childs stole. But will Alicia stand by her man again?

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Alison Stern-Dunyak

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