Who knew dying could be so complicated? At least that’s what Eleanor is discovering on NBC’s new comedy The Good Place when an afterlife clerical error puts her in “the good place” even though she was not a very nice person.

Luckily we caught up with stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson to learn more about how The Good Place works and what might be in store for Eleanor, Michael and the whole neighborhood. 

Check out our the video below for the full interview:

Interview Highlights:

  • Ted Danson talks about how Michael Schur told him about the show and how impressed he was with the premise. 
  • “I do believe go find the most creative, original and authentic voice and ask very nicely if you can be a part of it,” Danson said of his working philosophy. 
  • Kristen Bell says the show combines her two favorite things to explore and the things she thinks about all day: funny jokes and what does it mean to be a good person.
  • Ted Danson says he giggles on the way to work thinking about the fact that he gets to work on the show.
  • Bell says Michael Schur made a commitment to end every episode as if it was a season ender and she didn’t think he could do it, but somehow he’s pulled it off. 
  • Asked about the sight gags in the show, Kristen Bell says the store names in the background are her favorite. 
  • They don’t just say they’re in the afterlife, they show they’re in the afterlife.
  • Danson says he talked with Michael Schur about the show, but won’t take credit for giving any ideas. His idea has always been that the writer writes and he can give input. 
  • Bell has noticed that her character has been tailored around certain things that she does, like how often she says “dude.” 
  • “I was surprised by how handsome my character was,” Danson said. 
  • Bell talks about saying the pretend swear words instead of the real ones, and how there would be takes where she would actually say the real swear words. 
  • Bell and Danson talk about the incredible talent of the whole cast. 
  • Will we find out how Michael came to be there? “You will not be disappointed,” Danson said. 

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(Photo courtesy of NBC; video courtesy of Morgan Glennon)

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