The CW is the final network to announce its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and things are getting shaken up. While returning hits Arrow and The Vampire Diaries are staying put, all the other returning dramas are moving to new nights.

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Yes, Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast, Supernatural and The Carrie Diaries are getting mixed around while cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model is being held until fall. Additionally, Nikita will return at some point for a six-episode final season.

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The fall will also feature three new dramas: The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals, superhero drama The Tomorrow People and historical drama Reign. Alien love story Star-Crossed and futuristic The 100 will launch in mid-season. There will also be a new reality series, Famous in 12, about families competing to become famous.

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There was also one other interesting piece of news about returning shows. The second season of The Carrie Diaries will show us how a young Carrie Bradshaw became friends with a young Samantha Jones. Bring on the inappropriate sexual puns and aggressive appetite for lust!

The CW’s fall season will begin in October. Here’s a rundown of the CW’s fall schedule.

8pm: Hart of Dixie
9pm: Beauty and the Beast

8pm: The Originals (NEW)
9pm: Supernatural

8pm: Arrow
9pm: The Tomorrow People (NEW)

8pm: The Vampire Diaries
9pm: Reign (NEW)

8pm: The Carrie Diaries
9pm: America’s Next Top Model

Here’s a quick description of the new shows.

The Originals: As featured on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca deal with vampires, witches and a baby in New Olreans.

The Tomorrow People: A group of evolutionarily-advanced young people with super powers team up to fight evil.

Reign: A historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots in France in the 16th century.


Star-Crossed: Ten years after aliens land on Earth and are kept in separate camps, a group of teenage aliens are integrated into a human high school where the forbidden love between a human girl and an alien boy blossoms.

The 100: Nearly 100 years after a nuclear Armageddon destroys Earth, the survivors who escaped on space stations send a group of 100 juvenile delinquents back to see if the planet is habitable again.

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