In this episode of The Gifted, titled “eXodus,” Marcos and Kate are willing to do anything to save the people they love. Kate is the one who puts her plan into action first, but it puts a risk to all. Meanwhile, Reed has to go through with his agreement with Jace if he wants to keep his family safe, and Lorna gets an offer she may not be able to refuse.

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More About the Mutant Underground is Shared

Like the previous episode, we start in the past. It’s a look at how Lorna and Marcos’ relationship blossomed and how the mutant underground found their HQ. It was the location of the Oakwood Riots, which was left abandoned. It was the perfect place to become home.

Marcos can’t help but wonder if he did something in a past life to be tortured with the mutant gene. Lorna doesn’t see it that way, and she likes to have fun with her abilities. It’s the connection the two need to move their friendship to the next level.

We learn more about John and Dreamer’s backstories too. John was in the Marines and learned he was a mutant while training. He focused on his need to prove himself as his positive emotion to help him control his powers. As for Dreamer, she was a refugee and chose to stay at HQ. She certainly loves John, but they both agreed not to be together for safety and for the sake of the cause.

Lorna Tries to Deal with Solitary in Her Own Way

Back in the present day, Lorna sits in solitary (presumably) thinking about Marcos. Jace pays her a visit and offers her one last chance for some type of safety. If she helps to find the mutant underground, Jace promises that Lorna and Marcos will have the chance of some sort of visitation when the baby is born. Marcos and Lorna will only be in prison, rather than something much worse if Lorna doesn’t cooperate.

Lorna decides to use her powers again while in solitary, hoping to be strong enough against the collar. She manages to get her solitary door open, but she suffers a nose bleed and is seriously weakened.

Marcos Will Do Anything to Save Lorna

At mutant underground HQ, Marcos desperately wants to find a way to save Lorna. The best way to get to her is through Clarice. The problem is Clarice is doubting her powers and wiped from the last use of the. John needs to train her.

John knows that Clarice’s powers are unstable because she uses fear to power them. She needs to start focusing on a positive feeling, but Clarice doesn’t really have much. Dreamer offers to put memories into her head to make her believe she is best friends with Lorna, but John doesn’t want that to happen. It has gone wrong in the past, and John mentions the names Walker and Eve. Just the mention of them stops Dreamer from suggesting anything else.

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Dreamer Manipulates Clarice to Save John

While Marcos and Dreamer convince John to help Clarice control her powers, Kate offers to reach out to her connections. Surely, they should try talking before numerous battles. John refuses to let her contact the outside world, since it would put everyone in danger.

After listening to her children start a game of Monopoly (and Lauren tell Andy that he can’t be the shoe because their dad is always that play piece), Kate decides she will leave HQ to get help. It’s time to turn to her brother, Danny. Lauren and Andy refuse to let her leave alone.

Now out in the open, Kate admits that they don’t have enough cash to get them anywhere by cab. Andy offers to rob a bank with his powers, but Lauren doesn’t want that as she wants to return to a normal life after all this. Andy knows it isn’t possible, so instead of robbing a bank he robs a parking meter. They have enough change for a taxi ride.

Once they do get to Danny’s, he’s shocked to see them. Danny’s life has been turned upside down too, and he refuses to help the Struckers. The only thing he will do is allow his sister and her children to stay for the night. The night does give Lauren a chance to browse social media, where she finds graffiti on their house. Andy is angry and it sets off his powers, but he’s able to get them under control again relatively quickly this time.

John realizes that the Struckers have left and leaves with Marcos to find Kate. The next morning, John and Marcos find the Struckers but at the same time as a group of “friends.” They’re there to hunt the mutants. Danny walks out to talk to them, but it doesn’t help. Andy uses his abilities to blow open the front door, knocking everyone over. One of the men is about to fire his gun, but Marcos uses his own abilities to heat the gun and get everyone out of the house and into John’s car. The group of men follows in their trucks.

John doesn’t want to leave behind corpses. He calls Dreamer for help, so she decides to do the one thing John asked her not to do. She puts memories in Clarice’s head, making Clarice believe she loves John. It’s enough for Clarice to feel like she has the strength to open a portal to get the car off the road. The plan works, and Clarice is able to open the portal. John puts his foot down to get through, and the mutant bounty hunters lose their prey.

Seeing Clarice, John instantly knows that Dreamer did something. Dreamer instantly tells him the truth: she used a memory of the two of them but replaced herself with Clarice.

Despite everything, Danny agrees to meet Kate in the middle of nowhere at the end. He wants to help his sister and offers a cabin he and his wife bought but have never used. Danny also made some calls to find out where Reed is. Reed is being sent to a mutant underground facility, and Danny doesn’t believe Reed will ever be seen again. Kate isn’t willing to believe that.

Jace Attempts to Get to the Mutant Underground

While all this happens on The Gifted, Jace continues to use Reed to get to the mutant underground. Despite feeling guilty for turning against Marcos, Reed agrees to go along with the plan and has a tracker placed on his ankle to make sure he doesn’t run.

The best way to the underground is through the bartender at the bar where Reed met Marcos. When there, Reed meets Sheila and Dominique, mother and daughter mutants. Sheila’s husband was taken by Sentinel Services and wanted to take Dominique as a perceived threat. Sheila wants to keep her daughter safe.

When Reed mentions his pain from his attack the previous night, Sheila uses her abilities to take his pain away. It’s enough for Reed to continue feeling guilty. He feels so guilty that while on the road to the underground, he jumps out of the moving vehicle so the mutants are able to get away. Jace is angry, but Reed refuses to hurt innocent people.

Once Reed is back behind bars, Jace arranges for his transfer to another facility. It’s then that he gets a call from the mysterious Dr. Roderick Campbell, who wants access to the Strucker siblings. Without listening to anything Dr. Campbell is saying, Jace makes it clear that he will not give him any access to the Struckers.

Did Reed make the right choice? Was Dreamer’s decision rash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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