Supernatural had more reunions in store than just getting Castiel back together with the Winchesters in the episode “Advanced Thanatology.” Billie the Reaper also returned to the show, after revealing herself to be Billie, the personification of Death. While Dean (and probably most of the audience) assumed that this meant very bad things for him, Billie actually struck Dean a deal. Billie allowed Dean to live because he has a big destiny coming.

Billie, who was once one of Dean’s biggest antagonists, has now become a bit of begrudging ally. If Supernatural was smart the show would continue with that idea. Billy should fill the role of another recently vacated position from a villain who turned quasi-hero, Crowley.  

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It’s true that in terms of needing (metaphorical) firepower for whatever big event is coming next on Supernatural, Sam and Dean are pretty set. Jack has quickly established himself as an enormous powerhouse. Even if Supernatural season 13 sees the brothers facing the combined efforts of Lucifer and Alt-Michael, Jack can reasonably match them. However, in terms of adding to the lore and the potential stories the show can tell, Billie really should become a recurring member of the cast and a player in the Winchesters’ adventures. 

Since she first appeared in season 11, Billie has been one of the most interesting and entertaining side characters on the show. Actress Lisa Berry manages to have a huge screen presence without being remotely campy or jokey like several other Supernatural supporting players. Billie just commands any room she is in and her stoic sense of power creates wonderful scrambling responses from the Winchesters, especially Dean.

There’s a real threat and menace to Billie but she’s not an evil character. This is what makes her so perfectly suited to slot into the Crowley role of reluctant but powerful ally. While Crowley eventually became as harmless to Sam and Dean as Castiel, he didn’t begin that way. In his few years, Crowley was a real but incredibly enjoyable threat to watch. There was a real sense of tension to watching what Crowley would do and who he would be loyal to in the end.  Supernatural could recapture some of that by using Billie on a more regular basis.

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Billie isn’t someone who has ever liked the Winchesters. It’s understandable as they do make a bit of a mockery of her profession. Yet in her new role as Death, it’s obvious that Billie now has to look beyond how she personally feels about Sam and Dean. It might not be a wholly original idea to have Billie put aside her feelings for the greater good but it’s a fertile ground for great storylines.

Billie also represents a corner of Supernatural mythology that’s been oddly closed off. The show has explored the demon and angel worlds to the point of near exhaustion. Yet the world of Reapers remains mostly a mystery. Billie, as a former Reaper and the head honcho of their HQ, becoming Death, can really open up the show into exploring that side of the world. In other words, Billie can bring the best parts of Crowley’s character but still bring something wholly her own and new to the series. 

But what do you think? Would you like to see more Billie as Death? Can anyone ever truly replace Crowley? Would you want anyone to replace Crowley? 

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