The reunion between Jack and his surrogate father, Castiel, didn’t last long on Supernatural. Although Castiel is firmly back among the living and with the Winchesters, the episode “Tombstone” saw Jack disappear to parts unknown after accidentally killing an innocent man. While Jack’s departure is highly emotional for a number of reasons, it might be best if Supernatural allows him to stay gone for a while.

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Back to Basics

It’s not as if Jack isn’t working as a character. In the rocky start to season 13, Jack is undeniably one of the best elements. Actor Alexander Calvert has completely flourished in the role, making it seem (in a very short time) like he’s always been a part of the main cast. Jack has been dynamic, sympathetic and has been the catalyst for some tense and emotional scenes. Supernatural could just stand to broaden their horizons outside of Jack, especially since “Tombstone” solved one of the biggest conflicts surrounding the character.

Since Jack was introduced, the big question between Sam and Dean was about what to do with him. While Sam took a sympathetic and nurturing approach, Dean saw nothing but the spawn of Satan in Jack. Yet with Castiel’s return to life Dean is now, unsurprisingly, completely on Jack’s side. Dean no longer sees Jack as a monster and if that decision is going to have weight, Jack is going to need to stay out of sight. 

For the first time since season 13 began Sam and Dean are on the same side. They’re relatively occupying the same head-space and the show deserves to explore that for a little bit. Jack has become this wedge in between the brothers and now that the wedge has been removed it’s time for the show to completely repair the relationship. 

Felt, But Not Seen or Heard

Jack has been an elephant in the room on Supernatural. Jack is this huge and life-altering person for Sam and Dean so that Supernatural is almost forced to focus on Jack and nothing else. As likable and interesting as Jack has become that still manages to suck some of the life out of the series. Jack’s presence distracts from the core of the show which is the relationship between Sam, Dean and (now that he’s back) Castiel. 

Jack is an incredibly important character and he obviously will continue to be one throughout season 13. Alexander Calvert, after all, is a series regular for season 13. However, to really invest in the Jack storyline Supernatural needs to focus on the fundamentals of the show. 

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Since the status quo shifted drastically in the season 12 finale, the show hasn’t quite felt the same. Crowley is dead, there is no real proper villain, a multiverse was introduced (and ignored), Dean has been a depressing wreck to watch and on top of it all the son of Satan is worrying about his morality. It’s been too much happening all at once, with very little solid direction. Jack leaving gives Supernatural the chance to take stock and reevaluate or at least it should.  

Jack’s departure doesn’t need to last more than a few episodes and just because he doesn’t appear doesn’t mean his impact can’t be felt. It seems obvious that Jack leaving the Winchesters will cause a free-for-all between Heaven and Hell. Yet as long as Sam and Dean (and Cas) stay at the center of that chaos the show can do a lot of damage control in a very little amount of time. 

But what do you think? How long do you want Jack’s disappearance to last? How long do you think it will last? Does the show need to focus on the basics or has Jack not been that much of a distraction? 

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