After a combination of protracted factors provided Booth with some hard-won clarity in “The Woman in the Whirlpool,” the former sniper was able to admit his addiction to his Gamblers Anonymous cohorts, and take his first true step toward getting his life back on track. Sometimes we don’t realize how true our words are for us until the words are born and take flight. Booth’s anxious declaration to his fellow addicts became real after they left his lips. These things take time, people. I applaud Bones for continuing, in “The Life in the Light” to allow these dearly beloved characters to face their most traumatic separation yet, and to do it with such graceful authenticity. 

In Bones‘ penultimate episode, Booth has been sober 30 full days and is on his way to recovery. Booth and Brennan are able to work together again, and, to enjoy their time together, even if only for a little while. As the case of a rough and tumble yoga instructor unfolds, the Paris move further develops and Angela’s name, (though a well-guarded secret for 202.5 episodes), is unveiled. As for the Booth family, Brennan decides that her faith in Booth is stronger than her need for a guarantee of his sobriety. 

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Christine Saves the Hug Monster’s Life

The opening scene has Booth and a squealing Christine playing a game of Hug Monster Hide-N-Seek when Brennan returns home from work. The tension between husband and wife hasn’t completely vanished, but they are able to be in the same room without the awkwardness and despondency of their previous unsuccessful attempts at the diner. The only discomfort arises when Christine begs for Daddy to stay the night before Mommy feels it’s the right thing to do. When Brennan asks how he is, he says, “Determined.” The defensive Booth of late is gone, replaced by the man we all know and love, love, love. 

Booth leaves for a meeting after surprising Brennan with coconut ice cream and the two hug before he leaves. Things are moving in the right direction for our dynamic duo, my friends. Moderate sigh of relief for the fandom. 

Man-sized Crispy Cyborg Found at George Washington National Park

The remains of ex-con biker-turned-yogi, Micah Stanbo, are found at the center of a three-day blaze. The victim had been dragged into the forest, doused in gasoline, and set on fire causing the park to go up in flames as well. Somebody was super-pissed at this guy, and selfish as hell to start a fire in a national park. (As my dad would say, “What’s a matter with you?!”)

At the lab Hodgins cloyingly mentions Brennan and Booth’s situation, but squintern-on-deck (my boyfriend) Mr. Wendell “Yummy” Bray assures Jack and Cam that his hockey buddy is doing very well with his recovery. Now, I am a card-carrying Hodgins fan, but his comments about Brennan’s situation annoyed me. I know he’s just trying to be a good friend, but still. When Hodgins begins to pry, Brennan shuts him down immediately. You go, Brennan. Cam acknowledges that Booth has been through this before and he conquer it again. 

Cyborg Micah.jpg

Micah had been the muscle for a biker gang called “The Damned” before he donned the yogi mantle. He’d been in a radical bike accident after which he decided to leave the gang, seeking pain management through yoga. The red slurry used to douse the conflagration fractured the remains in several places, making it difficult to identify the actual cause of death. Attached to the victim’s skull is a metal plate held in place by slotted bolts. Can you say “cyborg” before Angela does? The cranial plate looks pretty cool and probably looks better now than it did when it was covered with skin. 

When questioned, the recently-paroled, fellow convict and member of “The Damned,” Dale Brock insists that he hasn’t seen Micah in over five years. This later turns out to be a lie, but as for murder, Brock is innocent. Actually, he comes off as kind of a pansy hiding behind a homeless beard. 

Booth’s 30-Day Sobriety Chip is Being Engraved

Booth’s sponsor, Gavin, congratulates Booth on his first 30 days sans gambling. There will be a cake, a speech, and an engraved 30-Day chip as part of the milestone celebration later. Booth demurs when Gavin suggests he invite Brennan to the momentous event, for reasons that are unclear. His demeanor and response seem to convey that he’s still overwhelmed with shame for what he’s put his family through. Later, however, when Brennan learns that spouses usually attend a sobriety chip bestowal, she’s clearly disgruntled that she hadn’t been invited. 

Major Bones Reveal: Staccato Mamba’s Dad is Married to Pookie Noodlin!

If you think Angela’s dad’s chosen name for Michael Vincent was wacky, this revelation probably sent you over the edge. Hodgins sees Angela’s passport and learns her real name is … wait for it … Pookie Noodlin. Apparently, the Hodgemeister never once glanced at his wife’s passport the entire time they were traveling and living in Paris. Angela is acutely sensitive about the hilariously crazy moniker which she never changed because it meant a lot to her dad. Hodgins, of course, is tickled and amused as hell. “I love you, Pookie Noodlin,” he says, and another piece of the Paris storyline falls into place. Sunglasses, lipstick, passport; Allonz-y!. 

Micah’s Sweaty Girlfriend Pretends to be Disturbed

Brennan and Booth visit Sunset Yoga Studio owned by Micah and his girlfriend. While waiting for Nan “Liar-Liar-Pants-On-fire” Roselick to finish leading her class, Booth notices Tibetan bamboo tablet covers for sale in the lobby. (Remember this, it’s crucial to solving the case later.) Nan acts distressed, saying everyone loved Micah who had been off on a silent retreat for the last couple of days. She offers up a competitor who turns into a suspect. Aubrey interrogates Ramish Patel, the failed yogi from down the street and gets nowhere. 

Hodgins Breaks up Heinous Crime Solving with Some Dream Time for Angela-Pookie

Jack surprises Angela with the news that he has bought her Paris dream home. She’s shocked, but happy, and we’re all wondering how far this storyline is going to go. I guess we’ll have to wait for the finale to find out!

Wendell concludes that Micah was hit in the face with a curved object before he died, while Angela and Hodgins together figure out that Micah had visited the art studio of Nan’s sexy ex-lover Danato on the day that Micah was later whacked. Angela also uncovers Peek-A-Pick photos which reveal Micah was bumping the uglies with Elizabeth “Lizzy C” Collins who explains that Nan and Micah were in an open relationship. Yowsa. (Do those things ever work? #Never)

Brennan and Booth Share Several Charming Interludes

While driving to the yoga studio and later while discussing the case over pie at the diner for over two hours, Brennan and Booth have regained some of their shared joy at simply being in each other’s presence. It is truly a salve to the Bones-y soul to hear Brennan laughing at Booth’s comments, and Booth laughing at her quirky attempts at humor. The next day the boom falls when Cam informs Brennan that she should have been invited to Booth’s 30-Day chip celebration. (Dammit, Cam!) Brennan is understandably confused and hurt. Poor anthropologist. 

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Angela Spills About Paris and Brennan Attends Booth’s 30-Day Sobriety Party

Queue the sentimental score as Angela breaks the news to Brennan that she and Hodgins are moving to Paris. It’s a touching scene and the first one that brings tears to my eyes. Is this really the beginning of the end? Remember that when the Bones Fairies were writing and filming these final episodes, they had not yet received notice that there would be an 11th season. This whole Paris thing points to preparation for an untimely end to the ten-year Bones fest. 

Then Brennan arrives as Booth is receiving his 30-day chip. She confronts him about not wanting her to be there for him. He says he feels like he has so much more work to do. Remember in the awkward diner scene in “The Woman in the Whirlpool” when Brennan said she was happy for Booth’s successes, but he insisted she should be happy for them both? In response Brennan simply gives hims a half-smirk — not derisive — but indicative that she’s not sure yet what their future as a couple holds.

In “The Life in the Light” we see a full reversal in Brennan. She’s emphatic that together, they still have a long way to go. She shares in his current challenge and would like to share his victory as well. A hug would have been nice here, but the dang phone rings. (What is it with the phones on Bones? They consistently ring at the most inconvenient times, robbing Brennan and Booth of the opportunity to further explore the intimacy of a revelation or of an act of affection. What is up with that?) That being said, the lingering eye contact and the tender smiles, no matter how slight, are delicious to see. Glad they are back.

The Sexy Ex-lover Provides a Crucial Clue

Booth and Aubrey visit Nan’s lover, Sexy Danato, and find out Micah had visited Danato the day he died, but was interrupted by an urgent phone call. The call ends up being from Dale Brock, the recently paroled biker who said he hadn’t seen Micah in five years. Dale is guilty of asking Micah to borrow $20,000 to cover family expenses until he gets himself back on his feet, but that is all. As Booth always says, “follow the money.” That circles back to Nan, the girlfriend with whom Micah had shared his bank account. But why?

Take me Back.jpg

An Altogether Different Kind of Selfie

The team discovers a fragment of Tibetan bamboo in the cranium. This is what gave the blow, which forced Micah to fall into the glass, that cut his femoral artery, causing him to quickly bleed out. Booth remembers the Tibetan bamboo tablet covers for sale at Sunrise Yoga Studio and hauls Nan down to the Hoover. 

Brennan and Booth ambush Nan in the interrogation room. After fervent denials from the suspect, Brennan reveals that Nan’s fatal blows to Micah’s head were recorded by the tablet. Boom. Angela discovered the footage of Micah being hit and falling into a glass coffee table. It was the coffee table glass that shattered and did the poor boy in. Nan finally breaks down and admits that she was angry that he wanted to give away their nest egg. Cuff her, Booth.

The Hug Monster Gets the Best Hug Of All

Back at The Mighty Hut 2.0, Booth reads five bedtime stories to Christine, then sends her off to brush her teeth. Booth asks Brennan if he can take Christine to school a couple mornings the following week. A teary-eyed Brennan, missing her husband so desperately but not wanting to derail his sobriety by removing his incentive, can barely get her next words out. Her rational side is struggling with the uncertainty of life, wanting a guarantee that Booth will remain sober once he returns home. However, she knows that if she waits for that guarantee she will end up in permanent stasis. This is not acceptable. 

Smoochie Smoochie.jpg

Finally, Brennan tells Booth that she has faith in him and wants him to stay the night with her. He agrees and they kiss. Does this mean Booth is moving back home? That question does get answered in the finale as do some other long-unanswered mysteries. See you then, Boneheads!

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