As The Following moves along nicely this season, you may find yourself asking, why, Ryan, why? He is so smug and sure of himself, and now he has his niece tangled up his in web o’ Joe Carroll. But he is almost always right, so can you blame him? As Ryan and Max track a lead that could bring them closer to Joe, Lily welcomes Emma into her family of misfits. Meanwhile, Joe and Mandy get the help they need and finally reunite with Emma and the New York followers.

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Coming Home

Before heading off to New York, Joe makes a stop at a follower’s home. Apparently, Joe was supposed to stop at Jana’s (Leslie Bibb) home after the boathouse escape, according to Roderick’s plan. She tells him she has her connections, and provides him with information on Roderick’s plan, money, credit cards and IDs. He tells her that he’s been contacted by the New York crew and wonders if it’s safe for him to reach out. He eventually does and connects with Emma.

Emma is now at the home of Lily Gray, who we have learned informally adopted a group of misfits, including Luke and Mark. She confides in Emma about her past, how her father killed her mother and then himself and how she was raised by a billionaire, who provided for her but wasn’t a good father. She wants Emma to feel at home with the group. To feel safe. But eventually, she wants Emma to bring Joe home.

After Joe calls the Joe Carroll hotline, Luke gives the phone to Emma. They make a plan to meet. And Joe finally comes home. The group is in awe of him, while Emma has so many questions.

Following More Leads and Getting Arrested

Meanwhile, Ryan is still on his manhunt after learning about Lily’s plan to lure Joe out of hiding. He’s enlisted the help of his niece Max. Or rather, she’s offered her services on the NYPD’s dime, of course. The pair always remains one step ahead of the FBI, including when Lily sends her follower Giselle to kill her former art dealer partner, David. At the crime scene, Agent Mendez and Mike have Ryan arrested.

While being questioned, Max continues to follow the Giselle lead and finds her at Grand Central Station. Mendez and Mike let Ryan go with a warning, again, with Mike pleading for Ryan to just let it go, as he’s convinced Joe is not alive. Ryan just walks away and calls Max back. He tells Max to wait for him to show up, but Max takes matters into her own hands, getting into a fistfight with Giselle, who is freakishly strong. Ryan arrives soon after, and the pair go after Giselle in Grand Central.

After a brief fight with Ryan, Giselle cries victim and gets on a train. It turns out Max got on the same train. We don’t know where they are headed.

And in one more little twist, Mendez calls Jana to pick up the kids because she’s too busy. I’m assuming they are partners, as Jana mentions that Mendez fought for joint custody. Jana also mentions that she used to be an agent, so we now know where she gets all her insider info. I’m assuming this will come into play in the coming episodes.

Ryan Hardy frustrates me so much. I mean, I understand he’s trying to protect the people around him, but come on. The way he always seems to be one step behind Joe and the followers, but one step ahead of the FBI, is driving me crazy. Also, I really hope that Max doesn’t get herself killed, because she will be yet another victim in Ryan’s life.

I do love how much the followers truly worship Joe. He has friends, everywhere, who are willing to help him and protect him. He even has a new little follower in the form of Mandy, who seems very blood-thirsty. She seemed leery of Jana, questioning why Joe won’t kill her after she’s helped them. Joe has to explain that death is a gift and the reasons why he kills certain people. Crazy. Just crazy to hear him explain this to a child.

I’m very leery of Lily and the new group, as is Emma. However, Emma doesn’t really have anywhere to go. I’m wondering what will happen now that Joe has reunited with her. I’m assuming she’ll probably fight for his attention with Lily. I have a feeling it’s going to get very dangerous in that home now.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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