Fringe‘s Lance Reddick is set to guest star on The Blacklist. And another Lost alum is heading to Once Upon a Time as a young Prince Leopold. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Two and a Half Men, Mistresses, The Millers, New GirlThe Mindy ProjectUnder the Dome and Teen Wolf.

Fringe Star heading to The Blacklist: We all remember Lance Reddick from his role on Fringe, and now he’s getting ready to guest star on The Blacklist as “The Cowboy” who, according to TV Guide, is one of Red Reddington’s assets. The big question is, can Red handle the truth? That’s what we’ll find out when he receives info resulting from an assignment he gave to Reddick’s character. His episode, titled “The Judge (#57),” airs on March 3.

But Reddick isn’t the only one on Red’s radar. Oscar winner Dianne Wiest will be appearing in the same episode of The Blacklist. She’ll be playing the head of Amnesty United, which is an organization that is opposed to the death penalty. Her character is being described by TVLine has “kind” and “sympathetic.”

Eric Lange is young Prince Leopold on Once Upon a Time: By now, we’re used to the fantasy drama casting Lost alumni, and they’re at it again. We’ve already been introduced to Leopold, but episode 18, “Bleeding Through,” will feature a younger version of Snow’s father, played by Lange, in a flashback in which he sets out to find someone he can marry who “he can love and trust to help rule his soon-to-be-inherited kingdom” instead of going for an arranged marriage,” as reported by E! Online.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley goes from Nashville to Two and a Half Men: The wife of Brad Paisley has been cast as a love interest for Alan, according to Deadline; her name is Gretchen and she’s also a friend of Larry’s. This will be a multi-episode arc for the According to Jim alum, and her first episode is on March 6.

Jason Gerhardt is a love interest on Mistresses: When the ABC drama returns this summer, the former General Hospital star will be part of the cast in a recurring role as Zack, starting with episode 3. TVLine notes this is a “potential” romantic interest, but for whom? None other than Savi. This pairing won’t come as good news to someone else in her life, though.

Andy Richter to guest star on The Millers: We know him as Conan O’Brien’s talk show announcer and sidekick, but pretty soon he’ll show up on The Millers as Doug, one of Nathan’s co-workers who decides to buddy up with Will Arnett’s character. But why does he do this, you ask? Well, he’s trying to “raise his social profile” at the news station, according to TVLine. Will it work? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

A Percy Jackson star moves in on New Girl: TVLine is reporting that in March, Alexandra Daddario is set to show up on the FOX comedy as Michelle, and the character is being described by TVLine as, simply put, a “hot girl.” She moves into the building and the guys living there go gaga over her (hence the “hot girl” description).

Max Greenfield goes from New Girl to The Mindy Project: No, he’s not leaving New Girl. But he will be guest starring in one episode of the Mindy Kaling-led comedy this season, which will air on April 22. His character’s name is Lee, and TVLine notes that he’s a “hot player at a bar who is up to no good.” What will that mean for Jess and Co?

Two new faces are Under the Dome: Chester’s Mill might be a small town, but it turns out we haven’t been introduced to everybody just yet. In season 2, Eddie Cahill has been cast as Big Jim’s brother-in-law, Sam. The Hollywood Reporter says he’s a “handsome recluse and former EMT who can hold his own against Big Jim and forms a deep connection with Julia.” And Karla Crome is signing on as a teacher named Rebecca, being described as “athletic, smart, tough and sexy” and “grew up as an Army brat.”

Dylan Sprayberry to play a freshman on Teen Wolf: He’s played younger versions of established characters before (like Clark Kent in Man of Steel and Blaine’s brother on Glee). But that won’t be the case when he begins his recurring role on the MTV drama in season 4 — TVLine reports that he’s playing an “arrogant but big-hearted” high school freshman named Liam who has “athletic prowess,” “perfect grades” and a whole lot of charm. The downside? He doesn’t know how to deal with the supernatural goings-on in Beacon Hills.

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