It’s a big moment for Monroe as he proposes to Rosealee in “The Big Hunt.” Unfortunately that’s when everything starts going wrong as well. 

The Big Moment

The proposal itself is very sweet, very Monroe-like. After a fancy dinner with wine that costs $170 a bottle, Monroe really wants Rosealee to check out his latest clock, although she wants to do anything but — she just wants to get out of her heels and dress!

But he insists, and when the clock hits the top of the hour, a birdie comes out with a ring asking “Will you marry me?” Incredibly surprising, sweet and thoughtful. There’s slight hesitation from Rosealee, but in the sense that she’s completely blown away. In bed, they discuss having a spring wedding outdoors (awww …), and Monroe wonders whether their families will get along — especially with a Grimm in attendance. 

I found it amusing — and somewhat odd — that Roselee and Monroe both brought up whether Juliette and Nick would have a place in the wedding. As if that’s even a question. Wouldn’t they both be in the wedding as their attendants, or even maid of honor/best man? I mean, who else do they have as close friends?

Meeting the Parents

Now that he’s engaged, it’s as good as time as ever to break the news to his parents. At first, it’s puzzling  why Monroe never mentioned he had a girlfriend — that he was living with her, in fact — to his parents, but when we hear him talking to them on the phone, we see why Monroe wouldn’t.

They’re totally old-fashioned, eccentric and intruding, but in a hilarious way (for the viewer, not Monroe.) His dad asks her age and how much she makes, as if those would be deal breakers.

Monroe doesn’t divulge much. I mean, he pretty much only says his girlfriend’s name is Rosealee, and they’re now engaged. His parents want to come meet the gal in his life and arrange a trip to do so.

Going After the Good Guys

Meanwhile, there’s other stuff going on in Portland, unfortunately. There’s a killer who’s scalping his victims. Totally disgusting! Thankfully, the camera panned away right at the last second, but the sound, and what was shown afterward, was plenty gross. First, the killer attacks a highway patrol officer, then a military guy.

Nick and Hank work together to find out the bad guy is hunting down “warriors,”  men in uniform. It’s a very nice moment between those two because usually it’s the rest of the gang hanging out. Hank is usually the one who absorbs the information, but now he’s able to help Nick piece the puzzle together. Hank and Nick are definitely spending more time together than Nick and Monroe. In fact, I feel like we’ve barely seen just those two together. Definitely not enough.

It’s a good thing that Nick and Hank aren’t in their uniform so they seem like normal guys, but unfortunately, the bad guy sees a flier of Nick — and it looks like he’s his next target.

Monroe’s parents are so excited for the engagement that they come for a visit a lot earlier than expected. It’s a complete surprise to both Monroe and Rosealee because they have no time to plan. Then, they arrive to the house early because their plane arrived early (that happens?)

Monroe comes off as a jerk here because he really didn’t tell his parents anything about Rosealee — who/what she is or even the fact that they’re living together. When everything comes out, she’s completely blindsided by everything. Well, not just her, but her parents too because they’re reacting on the spot.

Her parents aren’t exactly understanding. In fact, they’re pretty ignorant about it, which Rosealee doesn’t hesitate to say. She’s also so upset about it (rightfully so), therefore she leaves.

After she leaves, Nick comes. And that’s when all hell pretty much breaks loose! Well, all hell is about to break loose because right after his parents realize Nick’s a Grimm and it looks like they’re going to attack him — the episode ends with the screen going black and this text appearing on the screen “Oh #!@%!”  – a cute way to end it. Leave it to Grimm to make us laugh when something bad is happening.

Unfortunately, Grimm won’t be back until after the Olympics. The next new episode isn’t until Feb. 28 so we’ll have a few weeks to see what happens next.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

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Esther Gim

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