The Flash has returned, only to see Barry Allen head directly to jail. Because of this, one might think that Barry would be the character to screw up the most in “The Trial of the Flash.” However, there are several other characters who made much bigger mistakes in the episode.

Captain Singh

As a secondary character on The Flash, Singh’s typical mistakes stick to getting mad at Barry when the forensic scientist shows up late to work. But in this episode, Singh is a key witness in the prosecution’s case, as well as the only person asked to defend Barry.

Singh is, unfortunately, not great at either of these jobs. The prosecutor seems unsatisfied with the testimony, while the captain’s attempts to defend Barry’s character get destroyed. Barry probably would be better off without this “help.”

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Barry is occupied with his trial throughout most of the episode, so Cisco leads the charge to stop the meta-of-the-week, Fallout. It is too bad that Cisco misses a chance to catch the guy, inexplicably turned away by Fallout driving a truck.

Cisco is the key to catching Fallout in the end though, which may redeem this hero.


Despite being on trial for murder, Barry really does not screw up very much in “The Trial of the Flash.” He makes just one key mistake: the Flash refuses to reveal his secret identity. Sure, there are a lot of reasons why Barry wants to keep his secret, but are they worth going to jail? Secrecy seems like a mistake here.

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All of the aforementioned characters screwed up in this episode, but no one makes mistakes like Barry’s supposedly awesome lawyer, Cecile. Does she truly have no argument other than “Tell everyone you’re the Flash”? Does Cecile not think she should call witnesses at some point?

Cecile only seems to even try to defend Barry a couple of times: when cross-examining Singh and when presenting the kissing photo. Those attempts, however, are feeble at best. All she can think to ask Singh boils down to “Do you like Barry?” Then, how does anyone on the show think they can outsmart the super-intelligent bad guy with some salacious photos of his wife?

When it comes time for the defense to present a case, Cecile has nothing. Obviously, Barry goes to jail after this. Could anyone have screwed up more than Cecile in the episode? Nope.

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But what do you think? Is Cecile the biggest screw-up in “The Trial of the Flash”? Does anyone else make bigger mistakes? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. 

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