Over the past few years, The Flash viewers have watched Barry Allen screw up a lot. One might assume that this is because Barry is the titular hero of the show, an identity that brings with it many opportunities for errors. Alternatively, it could just be that Barry is a screw-up. The “Run, Iris, Run” episode gives us ample opportunity to test this hypothesis: With Iris as a speedster, does she screw up the most? Or does another character make more mistakes?


With Barry’s speedster powers transferred to her, Iris is definitely in the hot seat (sometimes literally) throughout “Run, Iris, Run.” She does make a few errors as a result. Some of Iris’ mistakes are reasonable, like not being able to slow down on the treadmill and crashing into the wall.

Other screw-ups are more serious, especially since Iris is leading the hero charge here. Her first foray against the forces of evil does not exactly go well. Not only does Iris freeze a bit when confronted with a burning building — something she has seen Barry take on before — but then she deals poorly with it, ending up under wreckage and needing a save from Cisco. Later on, Iris lets indecision nearly lead to tragedy when she faces the fire meta directly. She kind of just stands there.

Of course, Iris does manage to create a standing wave to save the day. That evens things out a lot.

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Melting Point

Matthew the EMT may be one of the first decent metahumans The Flash has introduced in a while, but Melting Point does not have the best judgment. Early in the episode, he makes a move to transfer the fire power from a bank robber to a bystander. That would have been great, except that the recipient of this power immediately goes on a fire-fueled rampage of his own. Melting Point is also responsible for transferring Barry’s powers to Iris. This is not tragic, in the end, but it does cause a lot of problems.


Has Harry screwed up by creating the Thinking Cap? The Flash has not yet given a definitive answer on that, but the signs are definitely pointing to doom and destruction.

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This is The Flash, so no episode is complete without the occasional Barry screw-up. They are, however, limited in this case: Barry allows Melting Point to shift his powers, and, early on, Barry condescends a bit to Iris. Otherwise, the show’s hero does rather well, especially considering his speed is gone.


While Caitlin Snow mostly performs admirably throughout “Run, Iris, Run,” she does make one rather egregious mistake: She has never seen Spider-Man 2. I mean, what kind of mad scientist misses that cinematic cautionary tale?

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