It was clear that the gang would be up for some serious challenges after learning about the existence of a collection of breaches all over the city, but having to help an enemy too? Yes, in this episode of The Flash, “Family of Rogues,” Captain Cold has been kidnapped, and while the team isn’t crazy about helping him, they do after his sister, Lisa Snark, pleads her case.

She also wants the help of The Flash. Lenny did save Barry’s life once and this seems to be the main reason that Barry agrees to help Lisa, who is worried about her brother — and for good reason. Their father is abusive and she has the scars to prove it. In a desperate plea, she begs Cisco too. She wants him to look into where Lenny may be. It’s hard not to feel bad for her, but what if it is all a ploy?

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Joe’s Difficult Decision

Meanwhile, Joe is dealing with his own family matters. Iris’ mom is back in town and she isn’t going away, even after Joe offers her an envelope filled with cash. She’s here to stay and Joe doesn’t know what to tell Iris. Barry reminds him that Iris is strong and she’ll deal with whatever comes along. Barry is right. Iris takes it as well as expected. Will we see Joe, Iris and Francine all together anytime soon?

Trailing the Snarks

After being hit by the freeze, it doesn’t take Barry long to track down Lenny, who stays mum about why he is working with his father, telling Barry that things are complicated. Barry warns Lenny that he plans to take him and his dad down if he has to. It isn’t long before we find out the reason why Lenny is cooperating with his dad. In a side twist, it is to try and save Lisa, who Cisco and Caitlin discover was injected with thermite (basically a bomb) by her own father.

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Barry Goes Undercover

Cisco is determined to find a way to disengage the bomb. In the meantime, Barry decides to go undercover as Sam the tech guy. Listening to Barry sell himself to the Snarks is great. It looks like hanging out with Cisco has really paid off! 

Barry’s gig is short-lived, though. After he helps the Snarks break into their next location, Louis shoots him. Talk about cold. Even Lenny seems upset by Barry taking one to the upper body. He isn’t going down for long. In a dramatic ending, Lenny kills his father after Barry ensures him that Lisa is safe. A shot of ice through the heart and Snark Sr. is done.

Lenny ends up back behind bars behind Iron Heights. And although Barry doesn’t seem to make much progress when trying to get Lenny to admit that there may be some good in him, the quick knowing look he gives is enough. His promise that he will see Barry again is also telling. 

On the other side of the city, Cisco is saying goodbye to Lisa, who refers to him as a friend. I guess it’s best to be on the Snarks’ good side. And Cisco clearly is, judging by the kiss Lisa lays on him.

The Flash is Sticking Around

The speed cannon was finally built thanks to Jay and Caitlin. It looks like it’s time for Jay to go back home and figure out what happened to his powers. Caitlin comes up with every reason why he should stay, and soon Cisco and Barry are also citing their own reasons in support of Caitlin’s obvious feelings. Jay decides to stay until they find Zoom. It looks like we’ll get to see the angst between Caitlin and Jay play out in the coming episodes!

And just when it looks like the episode will end on a happy note, The Flash sneaks in some last-minute drama, showing Professor Stein bursting into flames like Fire Storm before dropping to the floor. We also get a quick glimpse at Dr. Harrison Wells making his way into the lab after dropping down from the breach.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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