The villains are ready to take over, and Jim Gordon isn’t so sure that law and order is the way to go to get things done in Gotham anymore. Recently, Ben McKenzie and James Frain sat down with reporters at New York Comic-Con to discuss what’s coming up for their characters in Gotham season 2.

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Watch the video interview with Ben McKenzie and James Frain:

Here are the highlights:

  • McKenzie thinks Gordon is “shocked that an honest-to-goodness lawman walked into GCPD and actually want to do good.” However, Jim Gordon 2.0 isn’t sure that Barnes’ law-and-order ways is how you get things done in Gotham anymore.
  • Gordon and Barnes may eventually come into conflict.
  • Serializing the series has allowed them to have long arcs that develop the relationships between characters and the characters themselves.
  • “Introducing this seemingly upstanding citizen in Theo Galavan, the white knight of Gotham, but knowing all along as an audience member that he’s up to something else, will pay dividends down the line,” McKenzie teased.
  • With the Rise of the Villains, “we’re looking to develop the world that goes from something quite real into something on the verge of people adopting characters and costumes, hyper-real kind of situation,” Frain shared. “In order for that to happen, the corruption and the chaos in Gotham has to get much more extreme.”
  • For a while, Theo is able to fool enough people to get into positions of power.
  • What about who killed Bruce’s parents? That is a case that “lingers in the background,” McKenzie said, and it’s not something that’s going to be solved so quickly.

Gotham season 2 airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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