Promising to be an epic reunion, part one of The Flash and Arrow crossover is exactly that! Barry calls on the help of Team Arrow after Kendra becomes the target of a mad man, who we learn is Vandal Savage. He’s responsible for killing six men in seconds upon arriving in Star City. Barry’s sense that he has mystical powers has him reaching out to Oliver in this episode, “Legends of Today.”

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The Mythology of It All

Savage wants Kendra because she is Hawkgirl. Yes, Cisco’s love interest doesn’t know it yet, but she has died hundreds of times, alongside her soulmate, Hawkguy, who we meet halfway through the episode. He shows up in the midst of Oliver and Barry’s mission to take down Savage.

Cisco calls him ‘Birdman’, and ‘Romeo’ when Hawkguy refers to Kendra as his lover. Hawkguy’s capture happens quickly when Barry shows off his new super speed tricks. Even Oliver is impressed after Barry uses his arms and then runs circles around Hawkguy. Oliver then shoots at his wings, taking him down.

Malcolm Merlin pays a visit to Team Arrow and Team Flash, warning them that their success at keeping Kendra safe from Savage has prompted the immortal to seek out a relic.

Savage and the Relic

The teams hit the skies again in Felicity’s jet to head back to Central City, where Oliver and Barry come face to face with Savage in a church. He has the relic, a staff that is powerful. As we see them all fight, Kendra is on the other side of the city jumping off a building. She finally transitions and we see her in full Hawkgirl form!

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Patty Shoots Harry 2.0

As if there weren’t enough surprises, Patty shoots Harry in the lab when she mistakes him for Harrison Wells. When she attempts to call 911, Caitlin tells her to call Joe and no one else. Joe arrives and tells her to leave.

Caitlin and Joe call Jay for his help. Against his beliefs, Jay uses Harry’s serum to save him. Harry pulls through and uncharacteristically thanks Jay, whose only request is that he doesn’t use the serum on Barry.

Oliver’s Son?

During the previous¬†Flash/Arrow crossover, we learned about Oliver’s possible son. It has been a long wait, but after all this time, the showrunners have addressed Moira’s decision to pay off Oliver’s old girlfriend to go away. We see her again and with what looks like her young son. Oliver takes notice, hinting that there is more on the storyline to come in The Flash/Arrow crossover part two, airing Wednesday, December 2 at 8pm.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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