The Flash Season 2 opens in the aftermath of Eddie’s sacrifice and with the Singularity looming above Central City. The characters each suffer and deal with the result of that day in their own way. 

BuddyTV caught up with Grant Gustin (Barry), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin), Carlos Valdes (Cisco), Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne) and John Wesley Shipp (Henry) to find out where their characters stand in the season premiere.

Barry the Lone Wolf

Gustin: “Barry is having some trouble dealing with– he has some acclaim and a lot of love from the city for the hero that he is and he doesn’t really feel like a hero. We’ll kind of see pieces of what happened with the Singularity when we come back and how it affected all of the characters.”

“One of the things that’s really weighing heavily on Barry is he knows Eddie stopped Wells and he was the hero that day, but everyone is kind of giving the credit to the Flash. That’s not fun or easy for Barry. Now he feels like he can’t work with anybody because of the way everything goes down. He feels like he’s jeopardizing everybody and he wants to be a lone wolf.”

Caitlin Deals

Panabaker: “A lot changes because of the Singularity. I think the lone wolf thing [with Barry] you’ll see a lot and it works for Caitlin in the beginning of the season.”

Cisco’s Destiny

Valdez: “There are some weird things happening with Cisco biologically. He has these dreams starting in around episode 120 and they start using them to their advantage as a tool to trap the Reverse Flash. Cisco is not just grappling with what’s happening in his headspace, but also what Dr. Wells told him at the end of Season 1 about his destiny that he’s supposed to have. I think you can expect those to have a repercussion in Season 2.”

Henry’s Surprising Decision

Shipp: “[Henry’s] in jail. We find where he’s at with [everything] pretty early on in the season opener.  … I was surprised by a choice Henry makes right off the bat, but I understand it now. What more can you hope for? We want to surprise the audience. We don’t want the audience to get one step ahead of us and predict what we’re going to do.”

Where’s Eobard?

Cavanaugh: “My starting point is always Eobard Thawne. What’s nice about being that person is there’s a lot of different worlds which Eobard Thawne can encompass and because of that there’s always new people who we can bring in. And it doesn’t feel like a cheat, it’s in organic fashion.”

The Flash Season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 5 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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