Barry Allen is back on form in the second episode of The Flash season 4! But even peak Barry is prone to making mistakes. He really is a flawed hero, which only contributes to the Flash’s considerable charm. How did Barry screw up in “Mixed Signals”?

Hero Fail

Being a hero does require actually pulling off the heroic stuff when necessary, and Barry stumbles a bit on this. Sure, he saves the Top-40-loving techie from crashing his car, but that should have gone more smoothly. If Barry had just listened to Iris from the beginning — or thought to take Kid Flash along for the save — both the techie and his car might have survived.

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Later on in the episode, we probably cannot blame Barry for blasting Wally. That one is on Kilgore’s evil activities and Cisco’s over-eager use of tech in the new Flash suit. Flotation mode and a self-destruct sequence?

On the other hand, don’t forget that Barry never read the manual for his new suit.

Partner Fail

Far more serious than heroism hiccups is Barry being a rotten fiance throughout “Mixed Signals.” He thinks he is helping Iris (making breakfast and doing all that wedding planning in between Risky Business moments), but Barry is actually ignoring his lover much of the time.

Even Barry’s amusing awkwardness at the therapy appointment is part of this: He doesn’t think there are any problems until Iris literally spells it all out for him.

While Barry does have his screw-ups, it is probably worth mentioning that Cisco stumbles here too. Poor Gypsy, having to deal with her absentminded, interdimensional boyfriend! And on one-one-one day! She did at least get her schmoopy dinner in the end.

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Huge Big Deal Fail

While Barry’s failure to be a thoughtful fiance is troubling, the true screw-up might be in how he doesn’t realize how much he has already hurt Iris. Does the hero not realize that disappearing into the Speed Force might have devastated his beloved?

Barry and Iris do seem to work this out for the moment — “You are not the Flash. We are.” Still, the couple has a long road to regain all of the trust from that betrayal.

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