NUP_134191_1395.JPGLast week on The Fashion Show: Daniella won, and Laura was eliminated after making her model look “homeless” in a drab black dress in the Tinsley Mortimer challenge. Which designer will get snipped tonight?

Tonight, the designers get ready for another harrowing day of challenges, and Reco is frustrated because he lost the last challenge because of his team members, and he wants to get on a different team.

Isaac and Kelly welcome the designers, and tell them to get into their teams. The Harper’s Bazaar Mini Challenge will be judged by Laura Brown from Harper’s Bazaar. The challenge: each team needs to make four repairs to the same garment, in relay form: fix the shoulder pad and clean up the lining, attach missing buttons, fix the zipper, and repair the hem.

They have a total of 35 minutes to complete all the repairs. Markus thinks the time limit is absurd. Whoever does best from the winning team will have immunity. Laura tells them they can go as fast as they want, but quality is crucial.

It’s down to the wire, but each team finishes, and we see the results:
James-Paul’s team: the shoulder pad work is good, as are the buttons
Haven’s team: the zipper is bad, and the buttons crooked
Anna’s team: the zipper is good, but Keith left an unfinished and badly sewn hem

Reco is pissed once again because Haven messed up the zipper and ruined their chances to win. James-Paul’s team wins, and the shoulder pad pushed them over the edge. Lidia’s shoulder pad repair work was the highest quality, so she earns immunity.

Isaac asks for new head designers from each team. Lidia, Reco, and Daniella gain leadership on their teams.

The Elimination challenge: Kelly compliments Isaac on his jacket, and he says he wishes it could do more. Kelly says the elimination challenge is designing outerwear for all for seasons. That’s four total coats, and each coat has to have a special function or surprise. Isaac says the keys here are: creative, practical, fabulous. Again, they have 14 hours to complete the challenge. Anna is concerned about making a “Go Go Gadget” coat, rather than a beautiful garment.

Daniella’s team discusses having a travel theme with their coats, and Daniella shuts Andrew down with some of his ideas, saying he has no clue what he’s talking about, being an underwear designer.

Lidia’s team also picks a jet-setting travel theme, and James-Paul pitches a sleeping bag coat, while Lidia will make a summer coat that turns into an umbrella that is attached to the hood, out of light blue plastic.

Reco wants to do something space-age with his team, and Haven designs a summer coat to have a pocket for cosmetics inside. Markus makes a fall coat including a jewelry roll at the neck for extra storage. Reco carries his team, making everyone’s patterns for all the outfitting. He thinks everyone else here is delusional, all theory and no practice.

Everyone goes home for the night. At home, Keith questions whether the challenge is even practical for real people.

Day Two:

Reco is designing a ski suit for winter, and Anna describes her longer bomber style jacket with pockets on the side. Markus admits he lacks in technical sewing aspects, but blames it on his design school. Daniella gets frustrated with Andrew because he asks for ideas but doesn’t like them when she gives them.

Kelly comes to consult with the designers: she checks out Andrew’s spring coat, which is a rain coat that extends downward. Kelly says he needs to not play it safe and push the envelope. Daniella tells him to push the limits by making it longer. She doesn’t want to give him so many ideas, but she doesn’t want to lose the challenge, either.

James-Paul pitches his winter coat/sleeping bag, but Isaac and Kelly don’t seem too crazy about the idea.

Reco’s team pitches their “modern day excursion to Mars,” and Reco takes credit for all the garment construction. Haven presents her cosmetics storage idea, and Isaac is worried about the shape. He asks her to explain it, and she blanks. Reco takes over and justifies the shape.

In private, Kelly and Isaac say they are most worried about Andrew’s idea and Haven’s shape, which isn’t high fashion enough.

Models show up for fitting. Markus’s problem seems to be with execution. He’s rushing to finish, and Reco can only help so much.

Day of Runway:

Keith thinks Markus is the worst designer there, and his design looks messy. Everyone seems to be in unfamiliar territory. Reco is getting really cocky about his skills in every arena, and Daniella is fed up with him.

It’s runway time, and the designers are hurrying to finish the models’ preparation, and Haven is sewing up holes in her garment. She isn’t happy with her finished product, while Angel’s zipper breaks right before the runway. She’s rushed out before she can fix it on the model.

Daniella’s team presents “Hidden Surprises”: Keith’s summer coat has a skirt that becomes a blanket when you want to sunbathe. Andrew’s summer raincoat gets longer and dramatic, and has a pull-out hood. The judges are happily surprised, and Daniella is pissed. Anna’s fall coat holds gloves in the sleeves. The judges like the shape, and say it is made well. Daniella’s winter coat has ruffles that hold attachments underneath (like a phone or ipod). Andrew thinks their garments are more wearable than the other teams.

Lidia’s team is next. Angel’s spring coat is expandable with a zipper, and turns into a trenchcoat. Lidia’s umbrella coat has a zip-in lining.  Merlin’s fall jacket is for a travel girl, and it has detachable pieces that she can tote in a plastic backpack. JP’s puffy sleeping bag jacket has a “casket-y” feel that worries Fern, but Isaac likes it. Daniella calls it all “team crazy.”

It’s time for Reco’s team’s futuristic pieces. Johnny’s coat has a shoe organizer on the back. Haven’s summer coat holds cosmetics. Markus’s fall coat has a detachable neck piece for jewelry, but the sleeves are not finished. Reco’s winter ski suit has a detachable cape with a travel mug. Isaac loves Reco’s, but the other pieces aren’t up to par.

Elimination time:

Kelly, Fern, Isaac, and guest judge Norma Camalli (who designed the original sleeping bag coat) will be judging.

Isaac says overall they did a good job, but there were some sketchy fabrics on the runway. Norma compliments JP’s sleeping bag coat. Kelly tells Lidia her team is safe this week. Isaac says the audience’s comments determined that Daniella’s team won. From her team, two looks jumped out: Anna’s tweed jacket and Andrew’s rain jacket. Norma compliments Anna’s craftsmanship, and Fern likes Andrew’s surprise in the coat. Daniella fumes as Andrew gets complimented, and takes credit for her ideas. Isaac asks what’s wrong, and she tells him she did more than oversee the project, but she actually chose everything about it. Andrew disagrees, saying he came up with most of it. Norma tells Daniella she needs to sit down and shut up, because as the leader you give ideas and sometimes don’t get credit. The winner of the challenge is Andrew.

Haven apologizes to Reco–they lost.

Now time for the losing team: they praise Reco’s ski suit. The two looks they liked least were Haven’s and Markus’s. The judges say Haven’s design looks like a hairdresser’s smock with Mickey Mouse ears. Haven rambles and ends up admitting she doesn’t think she can sew well enough to be there, but Fern says she needs to gain confidence or she shouldn’t be in this business. She says she’s working on it. The problem with Markus’s garment is craftsmanship. They like the idea, but Norma says he should be more upset that he sent something so shoddy down the runway.

The judges deliberate: while Haven gets on the defensive, Markus is disturbingly nonchalant about his weaknesses. They tell Markus he seems more like a dreamer than a designer, while Haven has confidence problems that make her skills meaningless. They reach a decision: Markus has been eliminated. Haven is still in the competition, but she’s hanging by a thread.

Markus says he is a dreamer, and will keep on dreaming.


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