42 of the biggest unexplained mysteries on Lost.by John Kubicek

#42 What Happened to Rose and Bernard?

These two got separated from the main group during the time jumps, leaving everyone to wonder where they are. Did they jump through time with the others and land in 1974?

#41 What Happened to Vincent?

During the time jumps, the survivors found Vincent’s leash, but no Vincent. Where (or when) is he?

#40 Why is Desmond Immune to the Rules of Time Travel?

Though Faraday claimed at first that they couldn’t change the future, he did note that Desmond was special and these rules didn’t apply to him. What makes Desmond so special?

#39 What is Desmond’s Unfinished Business with the Island?

Mrs. Hawking told him at the Lamp Post that the Island wasn’t finished with him yet. What does this mean and what will happen to him?

#38 How did Hurley Learn about Ajira 316?

We know exactly how Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Ben came to be on Ajira 316, but how did Hurley know about the flight?

#37 Why didn’t Sun Jump Back to 1977?

Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sayid all jumped back to 1977 when Ajira 316 went down, but Sun didn’t.

#36 How did John Locke Come Back to Life?

Ben killed Locke, but after flying back to the Island, Locke was magically alive again. How?

#35 Who are the Two Sides of the Coming War on the Island?

Widmore and Bram both talked about the war that was coming to the Island, and how if Locke didn’t return, the wrong side would win. But who are the sides and when is the war?

#34 Who are Ilana and Bram Working For?

We know that Bram was against Miles working for Charles Widmore, but does this mean they’re working for Ben, or is there someone else in the game?

#33 What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

The secret question Ilana and Bram use to identify people sympathetic to their cause, does it have to do with the giant four-toed statue on the Island? And if so, what actually does lie in its shadow?

#32 Who is Jacob?

The big question that will finally be answered in the season 5 finale, Jacob is the mysterious kingpin of the Island, giving orders to the Hostiles and performing feats of magic. But who or what is he?

#31 How Old is Richard Alpert?

All we ever hear is that Richard is very, very old. How old? He looks the same from 1954 to 2008, but how long ago did he first come into being?

#30 How is the Island Connected to Egyptian Mythology?

We’ve seen statues of Anubis and hieroglyphics everywhere, but how is the Island connected to Egyptian mythology? Or maybe, how is Egyptian mythology related to the Island?

#29 Where is Claire?

Claire seemingly vanished into thin air during season 4, only to pop up in Jacob’s cabin. Is she dead? Is she alive? What happened to her and where is she now?

#28 Why did Ethan Join the Hostiles?

We know Ethan Rom was born into the DHARMA Initiative and, as a young teen, he was working with Ben for the Hostiles. But what happened to bring him to work for the Hostiles.

#27 When and How did DHARMA and the Hostiles Reach a Truce?

At some point the Hostiles and DHARMA stopped fighting and agreed on a Truce. How did they reach this agreement, what were the details, and how did it come to an end?

#26 What is the Sickness?

Based on Rousseau’s research team, Smokey may have something to do with the so-called Sickness on the Island, but we still don’t know it’s true cause or effects.

#25 What is Smokey?

As much as we’ve seen of this pillar of black smoke, we still don’t know exactly what it is, what it does or where it’s from.

#24 Why did Smokey Only Kill Mr. Eko the Second Time?

Mr. Eko came face-to-face with Smokey twice. Why was he left alive after the first encounter but killed on the second?

#23 What are the Whispers?

Many people hear Whispers in the jungle, but what are these creepy sounds?

#22 What Happened to Christian’s Body?

Jack’s dad’s casket was empty when it was discovered on the Island. Now that we know John Locke came back from the dead, does this mean Christian’s body is alive and walking around?

#21 What Happened to Cindy and the Other Tailies?

A group of Tailies including flight attendant Cindy Chandler were taken by the Others and began following them. But where is she now? In the second group of Others at the Temple Richard Alpert talked about?

#20 Why did Radzinsky Kill Himself?

Now that we know who Radzinsky was in the DHARMA Initiative, why did he kill himself when he was partnered with Kelvin Joe Inman in the Swan Station?

#19 Who are Adam and Eve?

Back in season 1, the survivors came upon two bodies in a cave they called Adam and Eve. Who were these people?

#18 What Happened to Mikhail’s Eye?

The one-eyed, almost invincible Russian lost an eye, but where and how?

#17 Where and When was Miles’ Photo of Ben Taken?

Miles had a photo of Ben sitting at a computer in some type of office. But since this doesn’t fit into the backstory we know of for Ben, where is it from?

#16 Why was Charlotte Recruited for the Kahana Team?

It’s clear Widmore needed someone who could talk to dead people, a pilot and a scientist, but why was it necessary to recruit a cultural anthropologist for his team?

#15 What is the Connection Between Thomas and Charles Widmore?

Thomas, Claire’s boyfriend and Aaron’s biological father, was a painter who had one of his paintings in Charles Widmore’s office. Coincidence, or is there a deeper connection between these two men?

#14 Who is the Economist?

Sayid was trying to assassinate someone known only as the Economist, Elsa’s boss, but who is this mystery man?

#13 Who is Libby’s Husband David?

Libby had a husband named David who died and left her the boat she gave to Desmond. Who was this husband and what happened to him?

#12 Who is Dave?

Dave was a figment of Hurley’s imagination…or was he? The rest of Hurley’s imaginary friends are real, so what’s Dave’s backstory?

#11 Why does Hurley See Dead People?

Hurley was had conversations with Ana Lucia, Charlie and even played chess with Mr. Eko. Are these simply hallucinations, or does he have special powers like Miles?

#10 Why was Libby at Santa Rosa?

In an open question that may never be answered according to Damon Lindelof, why was Libby a patient at Santa Rosa, Hurley’s mental institution?

#9 Who were Mr. Paik’s Watches For?

Mr. Paik gave Jin two watches, one for someone in Sydney and one for someone in Los Angeles. Who were those people?

#8 What is the Significance of the Watches?

Not only do we not know who the watches were for, but we don’t know their meaning. Are they gifts for business associates? If so, sending Jin to give them out seems a bit excessive.

#7 Who is Jae Lee’s American Lover?

Sun’s English tutor and part-time lover Jae Lee told her about an American girl he fell in love with while studying at Harvard. Is she someone we know, or just a dead end?

#6 Who is Sarah’s Lover?

Jack’s wife left him for another man, but Jack never learned his identity. And after Jack came back, Sarah was pregnant, but with whose baby?

#5 Why did Sawyer Want to Kill Hibbs?

When fellow con man Hibbs came back to tell Sawyer about the man in Sydney, Sawyer said that he vowed to kill Hibbs the next time he saw him. Where did this bad blood come from?

#4 What was the Tampa Job?

Sawyer and Hibbs had a falling out after the Tampa job, but we still don’t know what that job involved.

#3 Who Sent Kate the Letter about Her Mom’s Cancer?

While Kate was on the run, she got a letter at a motel informing her of her mother’s cancer. But she was under an assumed name, so who knew she was there and sent her the letter?

#2 What Happened to Yemi’s Body?

Mr. Eko burned the plane with his brother Yemi’s body in it, but a few days later when he returned, the body was missing. What happened to it?

#1 Does Walt have Special Powers?

Walt did some pretty amazing thing like astral projection and making polar bears appear. Or did he? We still don’t know if these were coincidences or Walt’s special abilities.


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