What happened to you, Merlin?  Now I feel stupid for guessing that you’ll be the half-divisive personality that’ll provide all the drama for The Fashion Show.  Alas, after the first episode you simply faded back to the background, and while you still supply us with your statements with that thick accent, someone else took the annoying-guy seat: Reco.

Then again, his reaction in last week’s episode was well justified.  Finally, after being held down by these teams for so long, he can finally play with his ideas more freely and just be like that free bird flying around.  Then again, I was watching that episode online over the weekend and my ears took a battering with his screams.  Bad headphones.  Bad headphones.

But the good thing is, with all of them competing individually from now on, things have gotten better.  It’s a good thing, too, because I get to look at their designs for what they are, and be finally able to pick out some favorites.  I did like what Angel did, and I’m growing fond of Lidia, too, for some reason.  And Reco?  Well, his hairpiece looked like a helmet, but it did cap off the shoes nicely.  Oh, the shoes.  I absolutely can’t relate.

Which leads me to this: why the fuss over the past week’s ideas?  I think Laura just freaked out a little too much when she realized Andrew did the same thing she did a few weeks back.  There are coincidences, after all.  Or, that thing’s been done to death, so I don’t think he actually ripped it off your book.  Then again, he got the boot, but thankfully it’s for other things.  Daniella’s flare-up two weeks back wasn’t interesting, in hindsight.

On tonight’s The Fashion Show, the folks get back to what they actually intended to do–challenge folks to do accessible fashion.  So toodles to the models, and hello, “real women”, no longer in size zeros, but instead like the normal folk you see everyday–probably good here but fat here, and so on.  While it seems like they’re all whining with the sudden turn to, uhh, ready-to-wear fare, this is actually interesting–how do you exactly hide these flaws and make them look presentable, if not fabulous?  Don’t whine, please.  Not everybody fits in a size zero.

Tonight’s guest judge is Rebecca Steinberg, renowned stylist for ad campaigns, magazine covers, television and film.  Speaking of which, she did win an Emmy in 2001 for her work on Six Feet Under.  That’s tonight’s The Fashion Show from 10pm on Bravo.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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