The Ex List won’t be up on the air for another month, but the stars of this new CBS show have already been busy promoting it.  Playing Bella Bloom on the show, actress Elizabeth Reaser was recently in Beverly Hills to talk about The Ex List among television critics.  She was accompanied by series writer Diane Ruggiero, and the vaginal humor just didn’t end.

The pilot episode of The Ex List pushed the boundaries, especially with the appearance of a toupee for a vagina.  Ruggiero assures viewers not to worry, as the network didn’t oppose the decision.

When asked about the story arc, the writer said that there will be multiple men for Bella to date in each episode.  “[F]or our purposes, there’s always going to be different ways to bring in multiple people or there will be a — you know, a dry couple acts while she’s looking. But it’s definitely — it’s not going to be just one after the other. It’s not like an assembly line of men,” she explained. 

Elizabeth Reaser, meanwhile, was asked about her role as the troubled patient Ava on the acclaimed drama Grey’s Anatomy.  Reaser had to put on a new face for that role, and it turned out to be a thrilling experience for her.  “They wouldn’t tell me anything when I met for the role except that I would be disfigured, which was the only thing — which was exciting — and — especially when nobody knows you as an actress and then you finally get to be on Grey’s Anatomy and then you’re disfigured. It actually was really an amazing role and turned out to be incredible,” Reaser said. 

She also commented that the attention she’s getting is a matter of location.  Reaser claims that she is more recognized by people when she “[goes] home to Michigan or something like that. It depends on the demographic.” 

It seems as if Reaser is set on taking on a variety of roles.  Other than her stint on Grey’s Anatomy, she managed to land a part in the movie Twilight. She will be portraying the character Esme Cullen on the novel-based vampire movie, which will be released early next year.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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