As early as now, critics are already predicting that the CBS series The Mentalist will prove to be a major force to reckon with come fall.  While pleased at the positive reactions, The Mentalist‘s lead actor Simon Baker admitted being hesitant to do the series.

The Australian actor is no doubt happy now that he decided to agree to the project.  However, he had to overcome some initial doubts, mainly because his stint on The Guardian, another CBS series which aired from 2001 to 2004, left him utterly exhausted.

“I was left so burned out by the time The Guardian ended I was reluctant to carry a series again.”

Still, Baker says he likes what he’s doing and no amount of exhaustion can turn him away from acting.

“I like feeling I’m working hard, and love being on a set.  I was a babe in the woods then when it came to doing series television.  Now that I more fully understand how things work, I’ve made sure I’m taken care of with a schedule that’s a bit better.  Also, there’s a lot of physical stuff that will define my character, and I’m grateful the producers have been terribly supportive of my creative ideas.”

About his role on The Mentalist, Baker cannot hide his excitement.  He plays the role of egotistical, arrogant investigator who knows things, figures it all out before anyone else.  He irks, awes and annoys everyone around him in the process.

“This character is more fun, has more dimensions.  I like the idea he admits he’s a phony.  It’s pretty much the anti-psychic show — with no powers at all.  And I like the fact it’s got a bit of a wink to it.”

A mentalist is typically an entertainer whose psychic abilities allow him to either read minds, foretell the future, or see distant and hidden objects.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The National Ledger
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Glenn Diaz

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