The original Beverly Hills 90210 was aimed right at my demographic while I was growing up, but somehow I dodged the hype and never caught on to the show.  However, I did catch its much trashier and more outlandish spin-off, Melrose Place, from episode one.  Whereas 90210 focused on the lives of rich teenagers, Melrose Place featured a group of middle-class twentysomethings struggling to make it in Los Angeles.  The series explored real issues like HIV scares and race relations for about a season, then tossed aside the after-school specials in favor of sex, lies, blackmail, murder, adultery, catfights, and one infamous wig-ripping incident.  In other words, Melrose Place became the best show ever created.

According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the CW is now looking to reboot Melrose Place to follow in the footsteps of their semi-successful 90210 update.  If all goes as planned, Melrose version 2.0 could launch as early as next fall.

Though this news is easily the best thing announced in my lifetime, I don’t understand why the CW is moving ahead with another reboot.  90210 garnered tons of buzz and impressive ratings for its pilot episode, but its numbers soon sunk below the likes of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.  The series has been picked up for an entire season, but it’s not considered a runaway success creatively or ratings-wise.  Then again, any bit of buzz is helpful for a struggling network like the CW, so maybe they’re just looking to get people talking again.  A Melrose revamp would definitely bring in tons of curious viewers for at least one episode.

Melrose Place creator Darren Star spoke to earlier this month about the possibility of a remake.  “Regardless of whether they do it or not, whether I’m part of it or not, I think it would be a fun thing to do,” he said.  “I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened — If it can be put together in the right way.”  There’s no word yet on whether Star will be involved with the reboot, which is still in the very early stages.

What would a Melrose Place revamp look like?  The original series carried on the grand tradition of sleazy nighttime soaps like Dynasty and Dallas, which is a genre that’s all but disappeared in favor of teen dramas.  Melrose wasn’t afraid to be completely over the top and ridiculous, which is what made it so addictive.  I worry that the CW would drain the show of its glorious insanity and merely make it another semi-scandalous drama featuring beautiful young people.  If they really want to do things right, they should hire me on as a writer.  Trust me, I practically graduated with a degree from Trashy Soap University.

The new 90210 became buzz-worthy thanks to the return of original cast members Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty.  Who would the CW woo for a Melrose reboot?  Unfortunately, Marcia Cross, Doug Savant, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Rob Estes and Grant Show have all moved on to successful television careers.  However, Heather Locklear, who played amazing uber-bitch Amanda Woodward, isn’t doing much at the moment.  Andrew Shue, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett and other famous Melrose actors are also available.  If the network can get any of these people to sign on as regulars, I will watch the show from beginning to end, even if it’s a crushing disappointment.  Bring me the return of Calabro’s diabolically evil and morally corrupt Michael Mancini, and I will force everyone I know to tune in every week.

What do you think of this remake idea?  Can it be a smashing success for the CW?  Sound off below.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide
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