Prison Break has a lot of fans worried this season. Several sources have reported that a major character will die on next Monday’s episode. (There is no new episode tonight due to the World Series. Go Phillies!) Last week, we lost Roland, Michael’s computer and gadgets guy but since viewers hardly had a personal attachment to him, no one was too broken up about it. The next character to die will be a major one, a person who’s been with the show since Day 1. Entertainment Weekly said that the death really affected Michael and upset him, so we can all assume it’s not T-Bag. If it were T-Bag, Michael would lead a parade through the streets of L.A. Thanks to some clues from FOX, we can pretty much confirm who it is that won’t make it out of episode 9 alive.


If the reports are true, and a major character who’s been with the show since Day 1 dies in the 9th episode, then it’s Bellick. FOX released the synopsis for the 10th episode and in it, Michael is forced to go to the hospital because of his medical condition. He leaves Lincoln and Sucre behind in an explosive situation, which refers to the bomb that Sucre steps on in episode 9. The synopsis confirms that Michael, Lincoln, and Sucre are still alive in the 10th episode which only leaves Bellick to meet an untimely death. BuddyTV readers noted that this season, he gave his mother’s contact info to Sucre in case something happens to him. With that, his storyline basically is complete and the show can kill him off without too much backlash from fans.

For fans worried that season 4 may be the last for Prison Break due to poor ratings or a general lack of story to tell beyond The Company, here’s a little ray of hope. TV By The Numbers, which tracks ratings, had this to say this week: “Because either their own results are improving or their network results are slipping (it doesn’t matter which since it’s the show’s relative performance that matters), several shows moved from the Cancellation in May zone into the Renewal for 2009-10 Likely zone this week including: Chuck, Prison Break, and Ugly Betty.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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