Everyone likes to look at new pictures of their favorite television stars, but networks sometimes neglect to snap new photos of their hot actors between seasons.  Big hits like Lost pose their actors in front of the camera at every possible opportunity, but smaller shows like One Tree Hill and Smallville may only release new promotional pictures once every couple years.  I can’t imagine it costs a bundle to gather a cast together for a photo shoot once a season, but maybe it’s more complicated than I realize.

Some CW shows may be relying on older photos this year, but Supernatural isn’t one of them.  The network recently released new pictures of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and we’ve gathered them together as a treat for all the hardcore fans.

Aside from stills from the episodes, the CW hasn’t released new pictures of Jensen and Jared since season 2.  Considering how often Jared’s hair changes, this seems like a crime.  The first two photos give us a good look at the season 4 version of Sam Winchester.  He certainly doesn’t look like he’s about to turn to the dark side, but I still think it’s inevitable.

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The CW has no desire to pit Jared and Jensen fans against each other, so they’ve also released two new shots of the elder Winchester.  The first even provides a good shot of Dean’s necklace, which is always welcome.

In addition to the solo shots, there are also three new photos of Jensen and Jared together.  Season 4 of Supernatural has really focused on the divide forming between the two brothers, but thankfully that doesn’t come through in the pictures.

As much as I’d like some awesome photos of Jim Beaver to add to this batch, we may have to wait until Supernatural season 5 for those. Let’s hope the CW doesn’t wait another two years before releasing more pictures of the boys.

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