When I think of Beverly Hills 90210, I tend to picture mullets, sideburns, “Donna Martin Graduates,” and 45-year-olds playing high schoolers.  One thing I most definitely do not think of is the late, great teen noir show Veronica Mars.  However, the executives at the CW must find the two shows similar, because they’ve recently hired Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas to help develop a brand new 90210 spin-off.  Thomas will write the pilot episode of the series, which will have only a tenuous connection to the original teen soap.  Now that more details have come out about the CW’s update of the drama, it’s starting to feel like 1992 all over again.

According to TVGuide.com, the follow-up centers around the sure-to-be-attractive Mills family.  Much like Brandon and Brenda Walsh, the Mills’ move from the Midwest to Beverly Hills and experience a bit of culture shock.  The move comes when the father, Harry Mills, decides that his alcoholic, former movie star of a mother needs constant supervision.

As in the original series, the main stars will be two 16-year-old kids.  Annie, a sensitive theater student, is the Mills’ biological daughter, while Dixon, a bright but troubled lad, was adopted at age 10.  This makes them quite different from Brandon and Brenda, who were fraternal twins and often felt a need to mention that fact.

So, where does the connection to the real Beverly Hills 90210 come in?  Annie’s new best friend upon moving to town is a character named Daphne Silver, who may be related in some way to David Silver, played by Brian Austin Green in the original series.  The self-involved Daphne lives with her brother Max in a luxurious mansion, and it’s implied that they may have had something to do with the disappearance of their parents. Ooh, intriguing!

Dixon’s new best friend ends up being a character named Navid, who is the producer of the school’s TV newscast.  It seems like he’s the new Andrea.  Rounding out the cast are Ethan and Naomi, who will be the sexy on-again, off-again couple, much like Dylan and Kelly were back in the day.

I’m not sure what to think of this strange, surprising news.  I have a soft spot for teen soaps, so I would totally watch it, but it does seem like they’re calling it Beverly Hills 90210 just to have some name recognition. Without the mullets or Tori Spelling, it’ll never be like the real thing.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TVGuide.com
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