Since the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice is currently filming in New York City, a lot of rumors have made its way over to various media outlets.  The past few weeks saw a surge in information regarding the cast list of the new season even though NBC hasn’t really declared an official list yet.  This week, another story came out as more behind-the-scene sightings surfaced.

Warning: This article contains spoilers!!!

According to a source of, former NBA star Dennis Rodman is doing quite well on the set of the new Celebrity Apprentice that he and host Donald Trump are getting to be friends.

“They’re taping the second or third week, and Dennis is still in,” the source said.  “Trump likes hard-working people, and Dennis does work hard.”

While that gives fans an idea of how far Rodman will linger on the game at the very least, this next sighting gives a hint of the type of challenge in store for this season.  Evidently, the participants are shooting in a laundromat since there’s a challenge that requires the stars to shoot a commercial for “All” laundry detergent.

A source told Reality TV magazine that Jesse James of Monster Garage, Tionne “T Boz” Watkins of TLC fame and Melissa Rivers were among the celebrities sited.  Jesse James seemed like the star of the commercial as he was standing in between two sets of washing machines with bottles of the detergent around him.  His acting expertise came into use when he had to smell his armpit and declare that they didn’t smell because the detergent gets his clothes clean.  But then again, the source wasn’t sure if his declaration was a joke or was actually part of the commercial challenge.

The second edition of Celebrity Apprentice will premiere January 2009 on NBC.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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