After nine episodes full of laughs, tears and tons of OMG moments, the first season of The Bold Type comes to a close with episode 10. Our trio of girls has a lot of loose ends to tie up. Jane has accepted the job at Incite but still hasn’t announced that she’s leaving. Sutton is dealing with a possible relationship with Alex and her ended relationship with Richard. And Kat, missing Adena, is reconsidering her priorities.

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Fashion Week Pressure

The girls are running in the park and discussing their respective problems. Jane still hasn’t told Jacqueline about the job with Incite, and she’s supposed to start in two weeks. Sutton worries about the awkwardness with Alex. Kat reveals that she almost got on the plane with Adena at the airport.

At the office, Kat is excited that she’s almost reached 2 million Twitter followers and hopes to gain more traction with her party for fashion week. To solve her awkwardness problem, Sutton decides to go to talk to Alex. They agree that they’re sick of the awkward small talk, and Alex asks if Sutton wants to go on a real date, but Oliver interrupts.

Oliver has specific instructions for Sutton for Fashion Week. Sutton is ready to go above and beyond in the hopes that Oliver will let her attend one of the shows in his place. Jane organizes a sit-down with Jacqueline to finally tell her that she’s leaving.

Jane’s meeting with Jacqueline occurs minutes later, much sooner than Jane had hoped. While Jane tries to tell Jacqueline that she’s leaving, Jacqueline thinks Jane wants to talk to her about the first story she ever pitched, about an art piece by a sexual assault survivor (whom Jane saw in the park while running). Jacqueline says the girl’s story is very complicated, and she didn’t think that Jane was ready to get it right. Getting sidetracked from her goal, Jane insists that she can handle the story now.

Later, the girls discuss Jane leaving and claim that she wussed out on telling Jacqueline. Sutton ponders being with Alex and if her relationship with Richard really is over.

Pre-Party Problems

Jane goes to interview the sexual assault survivor, a girl named Mia. Mia stands in the park with weights representing the justice system that failed her. While Jane is talking to her, another assault survivor comes and takes the weights from Mia.

Back at the office, Alex calls Sutton to sneak around while she’s running errands for Oliver. She agrees to meet him in the stairwell. Post-interview, Jane watches her discussion with Mia on her laptop. Jacqueline comes in and watches as well. She instructs Jane to have a follow-up interview, which Jane says she already has. Jacqueline is insistent that Jane runs the follow-up questions by her because, she says, the story is very complicated and Jane needs to get it right.

Meanwhile, Kat is looking at Adena’s pictures and browsing through her empty passport. Jane has an idea to work with Kat and use her Twitter goals for good. They bring a livestream camera to the park to broadcast Mia and revive attention on her project.

Sutton meets Alex in the stairwell and agrees to go on a date with him. They seal the deal with a kiss, but Jacqueline opens the door and interrupts. She tells them they both have to meet with HR.

In Sutton’s meeting with HR, things get awkward when the HR representative brings in someone from legal who, of course, happens to be Richard. Sutton has to admit the nature of her relationship with Alex in front of Richard.

As everyone gets ready for Kat’s Fashion Week party, Jane gets her sample layout from Incite. Jacqueline talks to Jane and Kat and says she doesn’t think they’re doing enough for Mia. While the metrics are great, she says, no one is showing up to support Mia. Sutton, on the other hand, is working extra hard to impress Oliver, sending him examples of items he liked from the shows in a more affordable price range to reach a broader audience.

At the party, the girls struggle to avoid all of their issues: Jacqueline, Alex and Richard. Kat gets a message from Adena, who has just arrived in Peru. Sutton decides to tackle one of her issues and go and talk to Richard. Richard says he regrets not trying harder in their relationship. He says he was focusing too much on work and should have fought for Sutton. Alex sees this conversation.

Jane goes to talk to Jacqueline and, in the middle of the party, tells her she’s leaving for Incite. She leaves the party and decides to take a walk on her own. She ends up in the park with Mia. While she can’t take the weights, she offers to stand with Mia, which Mia gratefully accepts.

Back at the party, Sutton talks to Alex. Alex knows that Sutton is still in love with Richard and he “doesn’t want to be that guy.” They break off their “relationship.”

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Holding the Weight

Kat finally hits 2 million followers, but she’s not excited. Instead, she says she feels empty. Sutton and Kat go to find Jane, and the three of them stand in the park supporting Mia.

Still at the party, Oliver gets the e-mail from Sutton with all of the Fashion Week information she’s gathered. Jacqueline checks in on the livestream and sees the three girls standing with Mia. She goes to join them, and when she enters the gazebo, she takes the weights from Mia.

The next day, Jacqueline shares her experience with Jane for Jane’s story. When Jacqueline was starting out, her supervisor sexually assaulted her under the guise of helping her with a story. Jacqueline didn’t even think of pressing charges because she knew it would ruin (or at least define) her career. Jacqueline apologizes for pushing Jane on the story because it wasn’t about Jane’s ability but rather about Jacqueline dealing with her trauma. Jane says it’s okay because it made her a better writer.

Meanwhile, in the fashion department, Sutton brings Oliver an outfit for the Marc Jacobs show, which turns out to be for her. Oliver allows Sutton to go to the show on his behalf. Later, the three girls sit in the park with champagne and toast to having adventures, making mistakes, sleeping with the wrong (and right) people and unleashing holy hell.

As the episode closes, Kat gets a text from Adena and decides to do something crazy. Jane leaves Scarlet with her box of belongings. Sutton is left in the elevator with Richard, and as the doors close, they go to kiss. In the end, Kat exits a plane in Peru.

An exciting close to the first season of The Bold Type but still so many questions unanswered.

How will things proceed with Jane at a different publication? Did Kat leave Scarlet or is she just visiting Adena? How will Sutton and Richard work things out? (I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for season 2, if The Bold Type renewed, to find out.) Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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