Suits hits a big milestone with its 100th episode aptly titled, “100.” Alex and Harvey come up with a plan to save Alex and reopen the class-action suit, but Robert Zane could blow it up, Donna and Louis reunite with their exes and Mike keeps his promise to Frank Gallo.

In the wake of Harvey’s news that he’s dating his shrink, Donna does what all heartbroken women do — she calls up her ex, Mark. The two meet up and reminisce. Mark is surprised that Donna isn’t married, and she says she has her standards. Mike is glad to see that she hasn’t settled and Donna tells him about her new position as COO.

All the Good Ones are Taken

Things are going well until Donna learns that Mark got married three years ago. Donna wonders why he would agree to have lunch with her. (Was she planning on banging him on the table?) Mark responds that she called and invited him, and it was just lunch. Donna points out that their reunion has felt like something more than just lunch, and he knows it. Mark confesses that he’s never stopped thinking about Donna. Things aren’t great at home, and blah, blah, blah…all the things guys looking to cheat on their wives say to justify infidelity. 

Donna makes it clear that while she does think of Mark from time to time, she won’t be the answer to his marital problems. If at some point he ends things with his wife, and calls her up for a date, she’d be open. But she’s not open to being a mistress.

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Commissioner Gordon Goes Rogue

Mike goes to see Harvey and reveals that he knows Alex’s secret. Mike swears he doesn’t want to use the information against Alex, he wants to help him. It’s time for Batman and Robin to nail Reform Corp. and save Alex. What they need is a Commissioner Gordon — somebody on the inside. That someone is Robert Zane. Robert agrees to take the case but warns Harvey that once he does, he’ll run it how he sees it. Once he steps in the ring, he’s not pulling any punches.

When Alex learns that Robert Zane has taken over the case, he confronts Mike who tries to reassure Alex that everything is going to be fine. Alex is convinced that when this case goes to trial, it’s only a matter of time before his role in the entire mess is exposed, but Mike is confident that things won’t go that far. He and Harvey obviously have a plan. It’s Batman and Robin’s world and everybody else is just living in it.

Also unhappy about Robert Zane taking the case is the CEO of Reform Corp., Roger Shapiro. He’s done some digging and knows Robert is about to be Mike’s father-in-law and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Zane has reopened the case. Harvey promises to take care of it, and Robert expects Harvey to keep his word. The only reason he signed with PSL was because Harvey promised to stop Mike Ross. Roger tells Harvey in no uncertain terms that if Reform Corp. goes down, so does Alex and PSL. 

Robert arrives with a settlement offer, and it’s obviously some serious bank because Roger takes a hard pass. Harvey tells Robert that the settlement is a declaration of war. Robert is ready and has no reservations about going in front of a jury. Roger threatens Robert that the case will never make it in front of a jury because he’ll make sure they know Mike Ross handed Robert the case on a silver platter. But while Roger has no proof that’s what transpired, Robert does have proof that Reform Corp. schemed to extend sentences but murdered someone to cover it up.

Robert reveals he has an eyewitness in prison who will testify in court. Roger asks the identity of this witness, and Robert tells him he knows exactly who it is, and he knows who Roger is. If Roger doesn’t take the deal, he could end up behind bars himself. 

Roger makes it clear to Harvey that he has no intention of settling or admitting anything, and Harvey better make sure Frank Gallo doesn’t testify, or he’ll find someone who can.

Louis’ Harvard Hottie Returns

Louis is on a rampage. He’s looking for a stellar associate to take Stephanie’s place and Columbia has refused to submit an applicant. Louis isn’t about to let even one school think they’re good enough after Mike Ross. Gretchen warns Louis not to go off the rails, but Louis is determined to let who’s not good enough for who.

Louis arrives at Columbia to find that his ex, Sheila, is in charge of recruitment. She’s moved to the city to be with her fiancé who she’s marrying in two weeks. Sheila didn’t send an applicant because she didn’t want him to find out and be hurt. Louis takes the news like a champ, and Shelia says that now he knows, there’s no reason to punish the firm and promises to send him her best and brightest. 

The New and Improved Frank Gallo?

Things didn’t go as Mike and Harvey planned. Harvey informs Mike that Robert backstabbed them and blew up the settlement. Now Harvey has to stop Gallo from testifying. Mike doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Harvey knows if Gallo talks, Alex goes down, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to avoid. Mike thinks he’s the one who should go talk to Gallo. Mike may have been responsible for extending Gallo’s sentence, but Harvey’s the one who put him there in the first place.

Mike visits Gallo and offers him money not to talk, but Gallo isn’t interested in Mike’s money because Robert Zane already warned him Mike would show up trying to screw him over. Mike insists he’s not trying to screw Gallo over, but Gallo questions why Mike has been trying to get him to do the exact opposite thing for the past month. Mike tries to explain that the situation has changed, but one key thing hasn’t changed for Gallo, his daughter, Denise, and what she thinks of him.

Mike approached Gallo offering him the opportunity to buy his daughter’s love back, but Gallo realizes money isn’t going to be enough. He needs her to see him get up on the stand, admit what he did and ask for forgiveness. Robert Zane understands that because he has a daughter. How inconvenient that Gallo has decided to turn over a new leaf now that Harvey and Mike need him to be the scumbag he’s always been. 

Mike arrives home to discover that Rachel is upset, which seems to be the new normal for these two. She’s pissed because she found out that Frank Gallo was the witness in the murder case and because Mike and Harvey went to her father to keep the whole thing alive. She doesn’t appreciate Mike keeping something from her and behaving as if she isn’t capable to pulling up her big girl panties and taking care of herself.

Lonely Hearts Club

Louis tells Donna the news about Sheila. It’s the second time in a year the poor guy has learned that a woman whom he thought was the love of his life rejected him. Louis doesn’t think Donna could possibly understand what that feels like, but she lets him know she understands it more than he thinks. She confides in Louis about her lunch with Mark. (Please tell me that these two aren’t so depressed that they could wind up sleeping together. I apologize for even putting it out there because it’s just so…wrong. Bygones.)

Batman and Robin Would Never Do This

Harvey confronts Robert. He didn’t bring Robert the case so he could take it to court. Harvey wanted Robert to bring these people justice. Robert calls B.S. He knows Harvey gave him the case to get himself out of hot water. Robert warned him that this is his case, and Harvey has no right to tell him how to run it. Harvey has no choice but to reveal that if Robert digs too deep, it’s going to put one of his guys behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Robert knows it’s Alex, and he doesn’t care. What he does care about is that the United States comprises 5 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of its prisoners, and that’s not something white guys like Harvey care about. This case hits close to home for Robert. He grew up in Harlem where nine out of the 10 guys he knew ended up in prison. And Reform Corp. is taking these kids, like the ones he knew, and they’re extending their sentences and murdering them. So, no matter what Harvey says or does, Reform Corp. is going to take the settlement offer, or they’re going to trial. Either way, Reform Corp. is going to pay.

Harvey and Mike are at an impasse. Harvey thinks the only way out is to dig something up on Robert, but Rachel has a different plan in mind. She knows how to prevent Gallo from testifying, but Robert isn’t going to like it because it means impugning his integrity through Rachel. Mike suggests Rachel is playing with fire. Rachel has no problem playing with fire, he has a problem with being left out of the game, so if her father has a problem with it, he can take it up with her. It’s really hard to root for the home team on this one since Robert’s cause is pretty damn noble.

Robert and Harvey face off in front of the judge, and there’s a lot at stake on both sides. In order to prevent Frank from testifying, Harvey tells the judge that Gallo is about to commit perjury and Robert knows. He pulls out the pictures Gallo got of Rachel while Mike was in jail and says they were sent by Gallo to intimidate Robert into suborning perjury. This blindsides Robert, and he has a hard time arguing his side, especially when the judge sees the photos as a threat to Rachel from Gallo. The judge declares that until he gets to the bottom of this mess, Gallo isn’t testifying. 

Robert attacks Harvey in the men’s room, but Mike interrupts and reveals that the whole thing was Rachel’s idea. Robert doesn’t buy it, but Mike insists that Rachel is a grown woman who makes her own decisions. Robert doesn’t care whose idea it was. They used Rachel to slander him in open court. Zane isn’t messing around. He’s determined that Frank Gallo will take the stand, one way or another (I wonder if Robert will still pay for the wedding?)

Tempted by the Fruit of Another

Predictably, Donna gets a call from Mark. He regrets walking away from her and doesn’t want to do it again. He’s staying in the city to attend to some business, and he wants to see Donna. He gives her his hotel information. Donna asks about Mark’s wife, and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about it, but whatever it is, it’s not going to happen right away. Mark understands if Donna doesn’t want to see him, but he had to call.

Donna isn’t the only one getting indecent proposals. Louis gets a call from Sheila who admits she hasn’t gotten Louis out of her system, and she wants them to do some very dirty things before she walks down the aisle (I had to wait to make sure this wasn’t a dream sequence.) Louis says he can’t, but Sheila says she’ll be waiting for him the following night. 

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Alex is Off the Hook

The question of whether or not Frank Gallo will testify becomes moot when Harvey learns Gallo has been murdered. 

Harvey immediately accuses Roger of having Frank Gallo murdered. Roger denies the accusations, and really, Gallo was a scumbag with a lot of enemies who could have been killed by anyone. 

Robert rides in on his white horse with a surprise for Roger. It seems Robert videotaped Frank’s testimony, and he fingers Roger for ordering the murder of the guard. The tape is a deathbed confession and admissible in court. Harvey’s cape is still at the cleaners because he didn’t orchestrate this plan. All he did was go to Robert with his suspicion about Gallo’s death. 

Robert wants Roger to settle and to stop what he’s doing. If he doesn’t, the tape goes to the Department of Justice. Roger has no choice but to agree. Harvey has one more request. I’m assuming the only reason they aren’t sending this guy to prison is there wouldn’t be a settlement or a guarantee that whoever took his place wouldn’t be just as shady. At least they have some leverage over Roger. 

Harvey also gets a sign confession from Roger stating that Masterson Construction was a co-conspirator with Reform Corp. to defraud the government, and the whole thing was spearheaded by Bratton. Alex and Harvey go to see Tommy demanding he sign a letter of resignation and give Alex back his affidavit. Another reason to handle this quietly — to be certain Alex walks. 

Will They or Won’t They?

If Donna isn’t sure what she’s going to do about Mark, his offer becomes even more enticing after Donna encounters Paula in Harvey’s office. She puts on a good face. She knows it’s Paula and Harvey’s two-month anniversary, and she suggests Harvey’s favorite restaurant. But there’s a new sheriff in town, and Paula has already made the reservation. It seems Harvey’s shrink knows him almost as well — better if you take into consideration carnal knowledge — than his former secretary. Awkward.

Mike goes to see Gallo’s daughter and gives her what he promised Gallo he would. He goes a bit far when he tells the woman her father was a decent man.

Donna and Louis both arrive at hotels. Just as Donna’s about to take the plunge with Mark, she gets a text from Rachel — who thinks Donna is on a date — telling her that she hopes she’s having fun, and she deserves the best. Realizing her friend is right, Donna walks away.

Louis on the other hand…not so much.

Did you think Donna would go through with it? Are you surprised Louis did? Do you think there’s a chance he and Sheila could get back together? Are Harvey and Mike still the good guys? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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