In episode 9 of The Bold Type, titled, “Before Tequila Sunrise,” things get a little crazy when Jane, Sutton, Alex, Pinstripe, and Jacqueline are trapped at the Scarlet offices. And if that weren’t crazy enough, Adena gets detained at the airport and Kat has to decide if she should stay in New York or follow Adena home.

The President Causes Problems

In the opening scene, the three girls are stuck in traffic and Jane tries to decide whether to stay at Scarlet or accept the job at Incite. President Trump’s motorcade is blocking the roads and the cabbie decides to get creative to get the girls to the office on time.

At the morning pitch meeting, Jane pitches a story about genderless clothes. Jacqueline says it needs an extra layer and gives the idea to Alex while assigning Jane the monthly quiz, which she is not happy about.

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Pinstripe texts Jane asking to get coffee. Sutton responds for Jane, saying “yes” and when Jane goes downstairs to meet him, she finds out that he has been fired. Back upstairs, Sutton asks Alex if she can style him for Jane’s article and he agrees.

Adena calls Kat and gives her bad news. She’s been detained at the airport and they’re sending her on a flight home. The girls band together to try and get Adena’s deportation delayed. When they have no luck, Kat makes the rash decision to buy the last first class plane ticket for $11,000 to get on Adena’s flight and heads to the airport.

Later, Jane and Pinstripe go to leave the building but protesters are blocking the doors. The President is having dinner next door and because of the protests, no one can leave. When Kat gets to the airport, she finds Adena. Adena tells Kat what happened with her detainment. Since the flight doesn’t leave for another 14 hours, they decide to go on an airport date.

Back at Scarlet, Pinstripe, Sutton, and Jane are hanging out, drinking, and Alex accidentally finds out that Jane got the job at Incite. Alex tells Jane he is okay because he is happy where he is. Sutton and Alex play a drinking game together and Jane and Pinstripe discuss what Jane should do about the job offer–which turns into a discussion about whether their relationship would have worked. 

Stuck the Office

The group ends up hanging out in Jacqueline’s office and are surprised when Jacqueline returns as she too is stuck. As they all hurry out, Jane leaves her notebook with her “pro-pro” list open on Jacqueline’s desk.

Kat and Adena go to the first class lounge on their date. Adena confides that she’s ready to stay still and build a home, while Kat says that she wants to have an adventure. Kat considers following Adena home and leaving New York.

At Scarlet, Pinstripe and Alex perform for the genderless fashion show while Jacqueline tries to get the restaurant next door to kick out President Trump so everyone can go home. Much to Jacqueline’s avail, they find out they’re stuck a little longer and she invites the group to have scotch in her office. Jane still can’t figure out if Jacqueline has seen the notebook nor can she figure out how to get it back. 

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When everyone finally finds out that they can go home, Jacqueline talks to Jane about her quiz idea: “How to know when it’s time to move on from your job.” She says she chose to come to Scarlet because it scared the shit out of her and that’s something you should take into consideration.

Tough Decisions to Make  

As Alex and Sutton leave, Alex hails a cab for Sutton and they kiss. Sutton brings Alex in the cab with her and they go home together. Meanwhile, things get steamy with Kat and Adena in the airport lounge. The next morning, Sutton wakes up to texts from Richard and realizes that she slept with Alex.

Jane gets to the Scarlet offices super early to retrieve her notebook. When the flight begins to board at the airport, Kat decides she is going with Adena. After a lot of thought, Jane calls Incite and accepts the job offer. Sutton finds Jane and says they need to talk. Jane agrees and neither of them knows where Kat is. Kat ultimately decides she can’t go with Adena and Adena gets on the plane.

Another episode of The Bold Type filled with drama, tough decisions, and a little bit of heartbreak. What will happen in the season finale? Will Adena be able to come back to the United States? How will Jane tell Sutton and Kat that she’s leaving Scarlet? How will she tell Jacqueline?

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