In this episode of The Bold Type, titled “The Breast Issue,” things get personal for all three of the protagonists. Jane struggles with writing an article about genetic testing for the BRCA mutation, which indicates a higher risk for breast cancer. Kat’s #FreeTheNipple campaign threatens her job. And Sutton’s first day in the fashion department isn’t quite what she expected.

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Episode six starts off with a bang as Kat and Sutton take off their shirts for breast equality in the park. Jane refuses to participate.

It’s Sutton’s first day in the fashion department, and it isn’t quite what she expected. Instead of having a say in fashion decisions, she is making coffee runs.

Kat runs into trouble after posting a photo of female breasts from the park rally. Instagram took down the photo, which Kat had posted to Scarlet‘s account. Even though Jacqueline likes Kat’s angle, she and the board request that Kat stands down.

Kat’s conflict with Adena is mentioned briefly; Adena did go to Paris to make up with Coco, and it seems like Kat is using the #FreeTheNipple campaign to distract herself. Meanwhile, Sutton is determined to acquire a piece of jewelry that Oliver wants to prove she’s worth more than coffee runs.

Jaqueline assigns Jane a story that Alex pitched about a doctor who is testing for a mutation, the BRCA gene, in women in their 20s. A mutated BRCA gene increases a woman’s likelihood for breast cancer significantly. Clearly, Jane is not thrilled with this assignment, and Alex mentions something about her mother, but it is unclear what he is referring to.

Jane vs. Fear

Sutton and Kat go to Jane asking her to get the test from the doctor. It turns out that Jane’s mother had the BRCA genetic mutation and was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. Jane is reluctant and is aggressive in her interview with the doctor.

Sutton manages to make a deal with a friend to get the pendant that Oliver wants. Kat continues, despite being told otherwise, with her campaign, posting photos of male nipples and nipples on statues.

After Jane returns from the doctor, she lashes out at Jacqueline when Jacqueline asks about the interview. She accuses Jacqueline of using and abusing her writers for her benefit. Jaqueline tells Jane to take a walk and Jane leaves the office, afraid she’s lost her job.

Sutton comes to Jane’s rescue as she’s wandering around Midtown. When Sutton gets out of the cab, however, she forgets the pendant. Sutton and Kat call around to different companies, desperately trying to locate the necklace. But since Sutton can’t remember the cab company, they don’t have much luck.

Later, Jane goes to a meeting at a random address, thinking she’s going to be fired. It turns out she’s meeting Jacqueline at her apartment. Jacqueline gives Jane some personal information about her and encourages her to get the test so she doesn’t have to live in fear.

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Jane Makes a Big Decision

After having no luck with the cabs, Sutton tries to finish her other work for Oliver. Alex finds her in Oliver’s office and gives her an idea on how they can find the necklace.

Kat is reprimanded again by Jacqueline about her Instagram posts. Jacqueline says Kat is not trying to actually help women; she’s just trying to win against the board. Jacqueline reminds her that they should be helping and supporting women.

Alex and Sutton try to get video footage from a dry cleaner to find out information about the cab. After some pushing, they find out the info and contact the cab company, which has the necklace. Just as the pair “have a moment,” Richard comes walking into the dry cleaners. When Alex and Sutton ride back to the office in a cab, Alex says he would kiss Sutton if she weren’t seeing Richard.

Finally, Jane makes the decision to go get the test done. Sutton and Kat go with her, and Kat records the process (at Jane’s request) for Jane’s article. One week later, Jane finds out that she is positive for the BRCA mutation. Despite this possibly life changing news, the three girls go and take their shirts off in the park.

Episode six tackled another important issue in the lives of young women. Moreover, it introduced the possibility of a long lasting conflict with Jane’s positive test result.

What did you think of the conclusion of this episode? Were you surprised that Jane tested positive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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