In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Hail and Farewell,” Valentine and Johnathon learn of the true location and identity of the Mortal Mirror and set off to Idris to find it but are stopped by Warlock magic. This forces Jace, Clary, Alec and Isabelle to track Johnathon down in a cemetery, where a deadly duel takes place between Valentine’s sons.

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Valentine Learns of the Lake Lynn

Clary, Jace and Isabelle go after Johnathon, only to find the original Sebastian’s decomposing body — tortured, bloody and possessed by a demon — ready to kill them all. But with quick teamwork, the demon is disposed of. Clary takes her knowledge of the real Mortal Mirror to the Inquisitor in hopes of stopping Johnathon once again. With nowhere to turn, Alec decides to turn to the Downworlders for help in their quest to stop Valentine’s impending war. 

The Downworlders’ representatives, consisting of Luke, Magnus and Raphael, stage an emergency council meeting while waiting for the Seelie Queen’s imminent arrival, despite the precarious position it places them in. The Seelie Queen and the rest of the downworld representatives go toe to toe with Alec on behalf of the Shadowhunters and ultimately refuse to help them in their quest to stop Valentine.

The Downworlders and Shadowhunters set off in different directions to try and stop Valentine’s impending war, which forces some heartfelt confrontations between Luke and Clary. But more important, it presents Raphael with an opportunity to state his feelings for Isabelle, and for Maia and Simon to officially declare their relationship. Clary turns to Simon for help with the Seelie Queen, hoping that he can be the one to change her mind in aiding the Shadowhunters. Valentine learns of the true Mortal Mirror and sets off for Lake Lynn but learns that he’s trapped in the city due to Warlock wards.  

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Does Johnathon Meet His End?

The Seelie Queen comes to Simon in the streets of New York in a slightly older form that looks an awful lot like Sarah Hyland and tries to persuade him to join her side of things. Simon learns that the Queen is after war as a tool for change and subsequently also after Simon, who stands to be the only Downworlder who has denied her wishes. Clary turns to her angel blood and her connection with Jace to attempt to find Johnathon and Valentine, leading to an intimate moment between the two where, alight with runes, they hold each other in a warm embrace. As a result of Jace and Clary’s bond, they use their blood connection to Johnathon to place a tracking rune on him. 

Jace, Clary, Isabelle and Alec track Johnathon to a cemetery, deciding to break off into pairs to try and track them down. Isabelle and Alec confront Clary and Jace, respectively, over the strange encounter at the institute but don’t get their questions answered as each duo is attacked by Johnathon and a horde of demon spawns. Clary and Alec stay behind to keep off the majority, while Isabelle goes after Johnathon, who has taken Jace captive. 

Jace baits Johnathon into a duel, pitting Valentine’s children against each other, with Johnathon landing a fatal blow, piercing Jace’s lung. In the nick of time, Isabelle finds Johnathon and stops him before he can land the killing blow against Jace, which affords Jace just enough time to stab Johnathon through the heart, kicking his body into the river. Jace’s near-death encounter forces Jace and Clary to confront their feelings, finally kissing while Jace heals. Though it seems as if the Shadowhunters have dodged immediate danger, the Seelie Queen kidnaps Maia and takes her to the Fairy Realm. But that’s not all, as the Queen rendezvouses with Valentine in the dark of night, possibly forming a new and deadly alliance.

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