Red and Liz continue to try and clear her name and once again, it’s not clear whether things are getting better or worse for her on The Blacklist. This episode is entitled “The Djinn,” and they track down a mysterious woman whose job it is to make “revenge fantasies come true.” How does doing that help Liz? By the end of the episode that’s still not clear, but it’s a creepy, action-packed ride.

If You Want Revenge, It Helps To Be Rich

This episode begins in a penthouse where we see a man is tied down and his body is marked with hints on which parts are best to eat. A man stands over him and a blonde woman tells him that his funds have cleared and he’s free to devour this dealer the way his drugs devoured his daughter. This woman is nicknamed Djinn and Reddington and Liz show up at Arum’s apartment to explain who she is. Red wants Ressler and the FBI to track her down. When Arum tells Ressler about the visit, they both realize Red likely has an unseen motive, but given her crimes, it’s still worth pursuing Djinn.

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Denbe Never Gives Up

Cooper is explaining to Tom at the Chinese restaurant that the file he gave him is about a German named Karakurt, who has a connection to the Kabal and the conspiracy against Liz. At the same time, Denbe is planning an escape from his captors. He’s imprisoned with another man and Denbe tells him he will escape or die trying. Back at the FBI, they are working on tracking down Djinn. There’s word of the kidnapping of an executive and Ressler suspects Djinn is behind it. And where is Djinn? She’s contacting Liz to arrange a meet. While they wait for the meeting, Red asks Liz to promise she that won’t contact Tom.

Djinn Or Not Djinn

We see the kidnap victim, who is being tortured by a young woman who turns out to be his daughter. But why is she doing this? Liz meets Djinn, who knows who Liz is. She tells Liz that she knows revenge isn’t really want Liz wants. She dismisses Liz but as Liz exits she plants a tracking device on Djinn.

The FBI questions the daughter – named Nasim – who claims she has no idea why someone would kidnap her father. Later, she talks to her brother, who is running the family business in their father’s absence. He’s being pressured to sell the business before it collapses and Nasim urges him to do it. Red and Liz track down Djinn, who turns out to not be the real Djinn. The woman is named Alice and she’s a former model turned face of the revenge business. Red offers her the chance to go out on her own if she reveals Djinn’s identity.

Denbe Escapes As Tom Gets In Deeper

Denbe concocts a plan that allows him to kill his captors and escape with his fellow hostage. The two of them steal a truck and Denbe finds a newspaper. He spots a mysterious classified ad and Denbe tells his fellow escapee that’s the way to contact Reddington. As soon as Denbe says that, the man pulls out a gun and shoots Denbe, leaving him for dead.

Tom tells Cooper that he’s figured a way to track down Kerakurt. Although it’s not clear what the connection might be, it involves Tom infiltrating an underground casino to attract the attention of some pretty boy bachelor socialite. He manages to do, but in the middle of it all, Liz calls him. She wants him to stay away but he tells her it’s too late for that.

The Big Reveal

Red and Liz approach the home identified by Alice. It turns out to be Nasim’s house and inside they find her tortured father. Red calls 911 and when Nasim arrives Red tells her that he knows that she’s really Djinn. She reveals that she manipulated things so she could buy her father’s company. It turns out that Nasim was born a man and when his father learned he was gay, he was forced to undergo sex change surgery.

Ressler and the FBI approach the house and Red tells her that he has an escape plan. And if Nasim wants to com along, she needs to give him the leather journal containing details of all of her revenge projects. She does so, but they get ready to get into the helicopter that is landing outside, Liz pulls a gun and refuses to let her on the computer. As it rises into the air, Red laughs and drops the journal on the ground next to Nasim as Ressler and the FBI approach.

The FBI has now cleared a bunch of cases, but Ressler notes that one page was missing from the journal. So what was Red looking for? As for Red, he hears from an associate who :has found the building where Denbe was held. But where is Red’s favorite bodyguard now? The episode ends with a scene where the man who stabbed Denbe is making a telephone call, apparently from the last public payphone in America. He tells someone he now knows how to find Reddington.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 9pm on NBC.

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