Supernatural still has some housekeeping from last season. Castiel is still under the spell of Rowena’s Attack Dog curse, which turns him into a rabid psycho killer. This week, Sam and Dean finally get around to helping out their angel buddy.

But while they’re busy with Rowena and her “Mega Coven,” Crowley is sucking up to Amara, hoping that the Darkness will be his ally. In a bit of a twist, Amara turns out be be reasonable and maybe not so bad.

Sam and Dean, Witch Hunters

Cas is getting worse from the Attack Dog curse Rowena put on him. Sam and Dean have a lot on their plate, so they’re looking for Rowena to lift the curse and Metatron to help give them information on the Darkness.

Meanwhile, Rowena recruits witches from the old Grand Coven to join her in the Mega Coven, a name that she doesn’t realize is hella stupid. She might have the Book of the Damned, but the Winchesters are after her and when she realizes Crowley didn’t die, she knows he’s coming after her too.

Sam and Dean find a witch to help them track Rowena and they capture her, but Cas escapes the bunker while they do. They track him down and Rowena lifts the curse, curing Cas, but then she escapes, still in possession of the Book of the Damned. But at least the Winchesters have the Codex, so she can’t translate the evil spells.

Uncle Crowley and Darkness Amara

Crowley is desperate to have the powerful Darkness on his side, so he promises to protect Amara from God. He also tries to raise the little girl by teaching her valuable lessons, like showing her Hitler’s speeches. Amara seems quite reasonable, upset that God locked her away and then created the world. She wants to do things her own way, which basically means taking over the world and becoming the new God.

However, despite Crowley’s desire to let evil reign, Amara doesn’t care about good or evil or Heaven or Hell or people. Sure, Amara eats souls (and grows into a teen by the end of the episode), but she doesn’t seem all that evil. In fact, this episode does a good job of convincing me that instead of being the Big Bad, Amara is just misunderstood. At the very least, she doesn’t seem OK with Crowley’s way of doing things.

An Angel and a Demon Walk Into a Bar

In one rather hilarious scene, a demon and an angel meet up in a bar, but instead of fighting, they talk. They’re both confused because alarms are sounding and there’s total chaos in both Heaven and Hell. In a weird way, it’s like they’re a Republican and a Democrat, both upset with politics as usual. They want to work together to handle things on their own.

In this metaphor, I guess Crowley is the Republican establishment, so now the demons want to form a Tea Party and vote for Donald Trump (who might be the Darkness). Or, to be fair and balanced, Crowley is Hillary Clinton and the demons are rebelling by rallying behind Bernie Sanders (also the Darkness).

Next week on Supernatural: Things get back to normal with Sam and Dean hunting a monster that may be a werewolf/vampire hybrid. Dean calls it a werepire, I call it Klaus.

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