If last week was about getting to a seemingly impossible goal, this week on The Biggest Loser was about getting… how exactly do you describe it?  Politics?  It’s a scary line in a show like this, where in theory everybody ends up getting something good even if you win by name or not.  Fine, I’ll settle with politics.  Never mind the euphoria that was last week’s “we kicked week two in the ass!” feeling.

Alison’s at it again with a dare: she’s offering a two-pound advantage at weigh-in, but in exchange of Bob and Jillian’s services for the week.  If you don’t take the two-pound pass, the stakes get higher.  Someone did take up the challenge: Tracey, also known as the one who went to the hospital two weeks ago.  Mo ain’t happy, because it means he loses the trainers too, since they’re teammates.

Tracey’s the one on the hot seat this week, in fact.  She’s literally playing the game.  Alison was back with the first temptation of the season: the chance to control this week’s weigh-in if they stuffed themselves with cupcakes.  There must be something in the hospital food, because Tracey did decide to dig in.  She went up against Antoine, but he got beaten anyway, four cakes to two.  Now she’s got control of the weigh-in: only one person will represent each team on the scales this week, and she gets to choose who does just that.

And that move’s got the contestants and the trainers worried.  Initially Bob and Jillian were willing to cut Tracey some slack, and thought she was just panicking when she decided to grab the two-pound advantage.  After the cupcakes, though, everybody was panicking–“what will she do at the weigh-in?” must’ve been the prevailing thought.  Jillian took it up a notch and called her “bananas–B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”

Really, it must be the hospital food.

Abby found out that she’s got a micro-stress fracture somewhere in her tibia, and it means she’s got to take it slowly.  She’s been overdoing it?  I guess it’s the lack of activity before.  She was discouraged, but she says she’ll fight on… but not during the challenge, which she had to sit out.  Teams had to pull weights up a ramp, either five pounds at a time for a shorter distance, or the whole 25 pounds for a longer distance.  Allen won that challenge, giving him and Abby immunity.

Never mind that.  Everybody’s still worried at what Tracey’s going to do.  They’re actually pleading her for things!  Is this Survivor?  It’s not yet Thursday night!  Mo also received some of the heat, especially from Jillian, who called him out for being supportive even if she doesn’t look like she deserves it.

But Tracey wasn’t done just yet.  The pinks begged her to choose Rebecca on the weigh-in.  She picked Amanda.  The oranges wanted Daniel; she picked Shay.  In the end, it was the orange team (Daniel and Shay) and the red team (Antoine and Sean) who found themselves below the yellow line, and the blame is obviously on Tracey.  So bad, in fact, that nobody’s celebrating when she found out she lost 11 pounds.

In the end, Antoine and Sean went home, after begging everyone else to vote them out just to keep Daniel and Shay in.  (Well, actually, it’s because Shay really had a strong case for staying in, but I was rooting for her anyway, being the biggest contestant ever and all.)  Since exiting, Sean’s lost 120 pounds and gained a baby named Jillian, while Antoine’s lost 105 pounds and gained a girlfriend named Alexandra.  Yep, the first one eliminated.

So was it just the hospital food, or was it a panic attack, or was Tracey really bent on doing this?  It seems she’ll get the short end next week, so I guess it’s too early to say.  Still.  Tracey, did they mess with your brain at the hospital?  Scoreboard time.

Abby: 216 pounds (-5) (immunity)
Allen: 292 pounds (-4) (immunity)
Amanda: 235 pounds (-5)
Antoine: 330 pounds (-11) (eliminated)
Daniel: 287 pounds (-6)
Danny: 390 pounds (-4)
Dina: 234 pounds (-3)
Julio: 368 pounds (-8)
Liz: 243 pounds (-4)
Mo: 326 pounds (-1)
Rebecca: 248 pounds (-7)
Rudy: 388 pounds (-12)
Sean: 405 pounds (-6) (eliminated)
Shay: 437 pounds (-6)
Tracey: 217 pounds (-11)

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Henrik Batallones

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