The Amazing Race 13 is off to an unusual start, mostly because there are no obvious villains. Ken and Terence had a bit of a run-in in last night’s episode, but it was quickly smoothed over. The eliminated pair of Anthony and Stephanie confirmed the universal love by saying they liked everyone and plan on staying in touch with the rest of the cast.

Little skirmishes aside, The Amazing Race is still back with plenty of action, excitement and travel, except for teams like Anthony and Stephanie. The couple spoke to BuddyTV after their elimination about the role of luck on The Amazing Race, the countries they wish they had gone to, and the things the producers left out. Continue reading for the full transcript and to listen to our exclusive interview.

What was the biggest difference from what you expected going onto the show and then actually doing it? Was it different than what you expected?

Stephanie: It was much harder, definitely. Watching it on TV and actually doing it is completely, it’s much, much harder.

Anthony: It’s a lot quicker than we imagined. Like when you watch it on TV you think they have more time to do things, but all the stuff you in between the challenges, it’s just so critical that you move at a good pace and keep with up everybody. I think that was a little bit of our downfall, we were a little bit slow in between the challenges.

Is there anything that they didn’t show in the two episodes that you thought that they should have shown? What made it versus what didn’t?

Stephanie: The last taxi, the last episode last night that we were on, of course our taxi didn’t work. But then we got into another taxi and that taxi got lost. So they didn’t show that part, so we had pretty bad luck with the taxis.

Anthony: There’s a good clip on of behind the scenes when we first got into the cab after it broke down on us or didn’t start, and it emphasizes how frustrated we were when we fell behind in the last episode in Fortaleza. It was obviously not our fault, we were frustrated, it was funny to hear myself talk about what went wrong. I wish they had elaborated more on that in the episode to make everybody know that we were definitely behind and we were chasing everybody at that point.

So if there’s one component that is important in winning The Amazing Race, is it really just that luck of getting the right taxi? What plays the biggest role in getting to the next leg?

Stephanie: It’s definitely a combination of everything, but it’s luck. Luck is up there like 70 percent. You get lost or you get a bum taxi or your car breaks down, you’re just screwed, that’s it.

Anthony: There are little things you can do to improve yourself. Like for instance, we over packed. We had bags that weighed 40 or 50 pounds each and I figure that slowed us down significantly. Little things that we should have prepared for before the race started I think would have helped us at least.

Before you went on this, was there one destination that you were hoping to go to but didn’t because you were eliminated so early?

Stephanie: Yeah, I had three. I had wanted to go to Greece, Italy, and Africa.

Anthony: I just wanted to experience a couple different continents. We only got to go to South America. Which is fine, I definitely wanted to go to Brazil at some point in my life, but I was hoping that maybe we could have gotten to Asia or somewhere in Europe. Just to experience it one right after the other would have been an unbelievable experience.

You didn’t have that much time to interact, but did you have a favorite or least favorite team that you got along with or didn’t get along with?

Stephanie: We got along really well with everyone. It was great, everybody was great.

Anthony: Everybody was a class act. We’re going to remain friends with most of the teams and stay in contact with them. When we got eliminated we really didn’t have one team that were pushing for to win because we were like, wow, we got to become friends with such great people. We were really appreciative of it.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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