We’re getting into the final episodes of The Bastard Executioner season 1, and this episode, “Behold the Lamb/Gweled yr Oen,” promises to be crazy. We’ve really seen how much Wilkin’s changed so far on the show. Will he really be satisfied if he gets his revenge? Will his guilt catch up with him?

This episode of The Bastard Executioner starts with Milus being called out of church and Wilkin and Toran talking about how guilty they feel. Toran then confronts Wilkin about his relationship with Lady Love, but Wilkin denies it. They’re interrupted, though, when a man is dragged through the streets. Milus says Wilkin needs to get ready to punish because this man needs “a death most agonizing” since he’s the one who killed Pryce’s wife — except we know it was Wilkin and Toran.

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The Search for the Text Continues

Some knights round up all of Wilkin’s prisoner friends and bring them to the chapel. Father Ruskin questions the knights about it, but he doesn’t get any answers. I guess that evil priest searches their back to see if they have those tattoos. They’re all sent back, though.

Father Ruskin later questions Berber the Moor about what happened in the chapel earlier. He says that they were searched and then warned. Only people who didn’t have land or money were questioned.

Berber the Moor realizes that Father Ruskin has seen the markings from Annora before. “She’s no heretic. She’s quite the opposite,” Berber says. Father Ruskin needs to warn Annora before it’s too late. Unfortunately, Berber’s boss is listening the whole time and tells the priest about it, but the priest is a little suspicious.

Father Ruskin goes to visit Annora and warns her about how the priest is looking for her. She shows him the markings and shows him the Book of the Nazarene. While he reads, she goes out to the Dark Mute, who’s dressed up as a knight, but they know they’re being watched from the woods.

Lady Love Calls Milus’ Bluff

Lady Love accuses Milus of being happy now that Pryce’s wife is dead, but he says that Pryce needs to find a new wife. Who does he want to marry Pryce? Lady Love, obviously. They walk in on Wilkin and Toran torturing the prisoner because Lady Love wants to question him.¬†

Lady Love says that she read the prisoner’s confession, but she doesn’t quite buy that the Wolf ordered this death. And why did he give the Wolf up? Lady Love says she’s heard what the Wolf looks like and gives the wrong description, and the man agrees with it, so she knows he’s lying.

Wilkin then goes to confront Milus about sending an innocent man to death, but Milus says they need to deal with this situation quickly. The guy gave himself up in exchange for his debt being paid off and his family being taken care of.

Lady Love does her own investigation on the prisoner’s family, though. She also has to entertain Pryce. Pryce says he wants to end the feud between their shires. Lady Love agrees that they should govern in harmony, but she wants to do it separately. Lady Love then accuses Milus of working with Pryce.

Lady Love then tells Milus that she did some research on the prisoner. She only found two recent documents showing that Pryce bought off his debt and Milus gave his family positions.

Then they argue yet again about how Lady Love should marry Pryce and how she’s not pregnant. “All know our Baron was barren,” Milus says. Then Lady Love slaps him. “I have been the offering of marriage once already. I will not do it again,” she says. But Milus says this is the only way to save the shire. Then Lady Love flat-out asks if he killed Pryce’s wife. He denies it and says the prisoner is just a representation of justice against the rebels who did it.

Can Wilkin and Milus Work Together?

Some knights call Toran over. Since some guys are missing, they want Toran’s help dealing with the rebels. “Can we count on your blade?” they ask. “Yeah,” a reluctant Toran says.

So Toran, Wilkin and the other knights set off. They go to a village and start searching tents, and kill a woman who was hiding something. Just then, a whole group of rebels attacks and a huge fight breaks out. They have to kill everyone because there can’t be any witnesses, but they miss one. That rebel winds up killing one of the knights, stealing his horse and riding off. The problem? Milus will think Wilkin and Toran betrayed him and killed the knight.

The other knights refuse to let Wilkin and Toran talk to Milus because he’s busy with Pryce’s visit. They offer them some of the treasure they found, but Wilkin and Toran refuse it. So Wilkin and Toran make plans to protect themselves and their friends for when Milus finds out what happened.

A knight tells Milus what happened. Then those twins go up to Wilkin and say that Lady Love is really upset and needs him, so Wilkin drops everything and goes to see Lady Love, but it was all a trick. When Wilkin gets back, he thinks Luca is missing, but he was just walking around.

Instead, Milus attacks one of Wilkin’s friends, Calo. He says someone used to abuse him and called him “Little lamby” and then makes Calo say “Little Lamby” over and over again before brutally killing him. Wilkin quickly finds out what happened.

The next day, Milus basically says that Wilkin and Toran got what they deserved. They deny killing the knight, but Milus doesn’t buy it and Toran loses it.

Wilkin Fesses Up

Wilkin then apologizes to Toran. “I buried my sword. I should not have buried all my past with it,” he says. Luca then shows up and says he wants to help Wilkin with his work and be just like Wilkin, which freaks him out.

Wilkin shows up at Lady Love’s room and says he has something to tell her. Isabel’s not happy that he just showed up, but Lady Love allows him in. Then Wilkin fesses up to everything. He was one of the rebels who killed her husband and he took on a new identity. His new family welcomed him in. He even talks about his past in the army.

He has to tell Lady Love the truth because he needs to save the prisoner from being killed unnecessarily. He hands her a confession and tells her to give it to Pryce but says that his friends are innocent. “I’m sorry I lied to you, Lady Love. My time with you, it was worth the punishment I am about to receive,” he says. Then he kisses her and admits that he saw her vision too, even though he denied it earlier. “I saw the vision, my love, so clearly. A male child. I believe it was ours,” he says.

Wilkin then goes to Jessamy and says that she’s a good person and they have sex, but this is really Wilkin’s goodbye.

Wilkin then goes back to where the prisoner is being tortured. He takes his wife’s necklace from the knight who killed Petra, and Toran shouts out, “Wilkin,” giving them away. Everyone gets into a fight, but Lady Love shows up and says to take the prisoner to the square and that nobody should speak about what just happened.

Everyone leaves Wilkin and Lady Love alone. “You cannot trade your life for another,” she says. She says that Wilkin would never intentionally kill someone, so someone made him kill Pryce’s wife. Then she burns his confession. “Please, Love. My soul is so heavy. Let me take this end,” he says. She loves him too much, though. Then she says she needs him to help her find out who she really is.

So Wilkin goes through with the punishment, which is absolutely horrifying. They have horses pull the prisoner’s arms off and kill him.

The Bastard Executioner airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX.

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