With the Battle of the Block in full effect, the Power of Veto is always extremely important on Big Brother 17. So far, Steve, John and Vanessa are the only HGs to win it, but did someone else get a chance this time around?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay and Jackie nominated James and Liz. James and Liz won the Battle of the Block. Liz, Shelli and John were picked to play.

Clay won the Power of Veto!

He finally won something. And it makes sense since it was the competition where you had to roll a ball back and forth across an inclined plane 250 times. All of the players were dressed like squirrels. It seems Becky was doing well, but dropped her ball at 150 and John only got to 161 without ever dropping it.

Obviously Clay will save himself, so once again Vanessa needs to pick a replacement nominee against Becky. Will she stick with the Dark Moon plan and backdoor Austin? She’s been very vocal about not trusting him, but perhaps the Sixth Sense could reconvene and stick together. It will be interesting to see what she chooses to do, especially since so many people (Jackie, Jason, James, Meg and Becky) know that the plan is to backdoor Austin, and Clay even told John (who told Steve).

The Have-Nots

Vanessa had to pick three Have-Nots. She chose Clay and Shelli (who haven’t done it yet) and Steve volunteered as the third. In addition to Slop, they can all eat popcorn. For the season, Jace and Jeff were the only HGs who never had to be Have-Nots.


-Clay finally won his first competition, which means Julia is the only person who hasn’t won anything.

-Meg and Julia are the only players who haven’t won an HoH or PoV competition.

-While women dominate the HoHs (7 out of 10), men dominate the PoVs (4 out of 5).

-Johnny Mac has played in every single PoV competition so far. Of the 15 total comps, this week’s BoB is the only one he hasn’t played in. This is the fourth PoV in a row for Shelli.

-This is the first time Liz will play in the PoV. Now everyone has been picked and everyone has played (except Julia).

-Liz, Austin and Jackie are the only HGs who haven’t played in multiple PoVs.

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