At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious who’s going on tour with So You Think You Can Dance and who’s going home.  It’s a race to the Top 10 but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Thayne Jasperson or Matt Dorame are going to get there.  The two contemporary dancers are going to have to do something pretty spectacular in order to knock out frontrunners like Twitch Boss and Joshua Allen.  At this point, it could be a lost cause.  With a few exceptions, last week’s performance episode was full of impressive routines from sexy sambas to hard hitting hip hop.  For this week’s power rankings, the usuals are sitting at the top but one contemporary dancer made a leap forward after showing that he can impress in any style.

7. Thayne Jasperson
With Chris Jarosz eliminated, it seems the judges will turn their focus on eliminating Thayne next. If they can’t get rid of Thayne, they’ll get rid of Matt. The judges have made it perfectly clear who they want to see advance, and who they wouldn’t shed a tear over if they go home. I can’t imagine that Comfort and Thayne will have any kind of chemistry so unfortunately, it looks like the end of the road for him.

6. Matt Dorame
I guess I liked Matt’s contemporary routine with Kourtni last week. It was supposed to be a superhero theme, where they were dancing off the pages of a comic book. When I heard that the two pulled contemporary, I was excited. Instead, I got some weird routine that I’m not sure I understood. What could have been a great moment for Matt to show what he can really do ended up being another blow to him in the competition. Either he or Thayne will definitely be leaving this week, which will leave only one male contemporary dancer left in the competition.

5. William Wingfield
What can I say about Will? Yes, he and Jessica do not have great chemistry together and yes, he always seems to outshine her. Will holds his own though and seems to be singlehandedly carrying his team through this competition. It’s not that I don’t think that Jessica is a talented dancer – she is. I just think that she and Will are not a good combination. I hope the two make it to Top 10 so that they can split up and shine on their own.

4. Gev Manoukian

Gev continues to impress me. Two weeks ago, he performed a sensitive and beautiful contemporary routine then comes back last week with a strong and sexy rumba. The two had great chemistry and Gev is really starting to prove that he can exceed in any style of dance. He absolutely deserves to make the tour and we definitely need a b-boy in that Top 10.

3. Twitch Boss
I can’t rank Twitch 1st or 2nd this week because I didn’t love the hip hop routine that Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed. The couple usually choreographs two routines in an episode – one that really jumps out at me and one that doesn’t. I think Twitch and Kherington did a great job. Their choreography was on point and they were entertaining. Twitch doesn’t have a thing to worry about anytime in the near future.

2. Mark Kanemura

Mark and Chelsie got the routine from Tabitha and Napoleon this week that really jumped out at me. It was my favorite of the night and was very reminiscent of week 1’s routine with Josh and Katee. I didn’t think Mark (or Chelsie, for that matter) could pull off hip hop but I satnd corrected. Mark was strong, dynamic, and impressive in his routine about a husband who works too much. He’s definitely working his way up in my book.

1. Josh Allen
Josh and Katee are the true competitors this season.  They are in it to win it.  I was a little concerned when I first heard that Josh and Katee pulled samba this week out of the hat.  In the first five seconds of the routine, though, I was blown away.  Josh seems to be the one to beat, of the men, as he just proves that he can kill it every time he steps onto that stage.  He’ll be safe this week … and the week after that … and the week after that …

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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