Following the premiere of Big Brother 15, the 24/7 live feeds went up, giving fans a chance to observe the HGs in their new home for 90 days. Since they moved in a while ago, plenty has happened since McCrae won the first HoH competition, so below is my best attempt to figure out what’s been going on.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: First Night of Live Feeds, Nominations and Alliances Revealed

There’s a lot of mystery this season thanks to the big twist. There will be three nominees every week, but the HoH will only name two of them. The third nominee will be selected anonymously by whoever wins the weekly vote by America for MVP, which theoretically is based on gameplay (but will most likely turn into a popularity contest). The third nominee will be revealed just before the Power of Veto competition. I assume this means we’ll have eight people competing for PoV each week instead of six (HoH, the three nominees, and four HGs they pick at random). However, maybe it will only be seven, or maybe just six. Or maybe everyone will play like they did back when it was first introduced.

But all that speculation will be addressed on Tuesday’s episode. Now it’s time to find out what’s going on inside the house.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers of events that have not aired on TV.

The Nominations

Jessie and Candice are the two nominees. Jessie makes sense because she was way too cocky in the first episode, spending the whole time talking about how she’s the prettiest girl in the house and all the others are jealous. It’s not clear why Candice is nominated, though apparently both she and Aaryn have already gotten into fights with Elissa (because fighting with other female HGs is a Reilly family tradition, see Kristen, Kathy, Britney, Daniele, etc).

Allegedly, from a conversation with Kaitlin, Candice is the real target and McCrae might backdoor Elissa. But later McCrae and Elissa have a chat and they are in a secret alliance.

The Have-Nots

Elissa, Andy, Judd, Howard, and Helen are Have-Nots for the week. Now that’s an unusual five-some. Like most of the house, the room is airplane-themed and they sleep in airplane seats. As someone who can never fall asleep on a plane, that’s truly horrifying.

The Big Alliance

There is one clearly dominant alliance that has formed, complete with a name. It’s the MC (which sadly stands for Moving Company and not Motorcycle Club as it does on Sons of Anarchy). It has current HoH McCrae as well as Nick (who seems to have taken on the leadership role), Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy. In other words, it’s all of the guys except narcissistic airhead David, party-loving redneck Judd and gay Andy. Right away that seems Brigade-like and formidable. They can afford to lose one or two and still be strong.

They also have a plan to form side alliances and spend time with others. Jeremy and Nick are working with the “Blonde-tourage” headed by showmance partners David and Aaryn as well as Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Nick is paired with GinaMarie and Jeremy is with Kaitlin, which is making Jessie jealous because she likes Jeremy too. If you want to know why there’s never been a successful all-girls alliance in the history of this show, reread that last sentence.

Meanwhile, Howard and Spencer are going to try to get closer to Helen, Amanda, and Andy (possibly another alliance) with the goal of having David and Amanda target each other so those two sides will fight while the MC can stay intact.

Fashion Show

In non-game news, the ladies got dolled up and put on a fashion show for the first night of live feeds. Oh, and by “ladies,” I mean the female HGs and David, who they put in a pink dress.

big brother 15 new david dragSo that’s where we stand on night one. It looks like Candice is the target, Elissa may get backdoored (or become the third nominee depending on who the MVP is), and I think Nick is running the show with the MC and his Blonde-tourage side alliance, which makes him good with more than half the house.

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