I’m no Patti Stanger, but I actually have introduced two couples who are now married. (I’ve set up two other couples who are now broken up, but let’s ignore that for now.)

Plus, being the Bachelor/Bachelorette superfan that I am, I think I’m uniquely qualified to select who the cream of the crop is for ABC’s season 10 Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman.

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In no particular order, here are my top five picks for Andi’s future husband:


Marcus was the first guy out of the first limo, and Andi’s always going to remember that moment as the start of her journey … so he has that first impression going for him. Plus, he’s hot.

You can tell that Andi’s instantly attracted to his hypnotizing blue eyes and that charming smile.

They have a private conversation during the cocktail party where Andi learns that Marcus’ first language is Polish. He surprises her by seeming like a gentleman and not cocky. (She is definitely not looking for the self-absorbed asshole type like a certain other Bachelor she dated.)

Marcus also scores points for naming his mom as the person he admires most and admitting to being a corny, thoughtful romantic. 

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Josh M.

On paper, Josh M. is pretty much perfect: he’s tall, he’s a former pro baseball player and he lives in Atlanta (like Andi).

In person, Josh is even better. He’s handsome and engaging, and Andi notes that she’s going to have to watch out for him. He is totally her type, she says.

Since Andi’s job requires her to be aggressive, when she’s at home she needs her man to be the dominant personality in the relationship. Josh can be that guy.

He will make the dinner reservations and even order dinner for her. All Andi has to do is show up, look pretty, and say “y’all” a couple hundred more times.


Tasos, on the other hand, is someone whose paper stats never would have made me think twice as a potential serious candidate for Andi’s future husband. A wedding coordinator whose favorite movie is The Lion King? I’ll pass.

But something about this guy made Andi look twice, and now I’m intrigued as well. He is confident, quirky, and even a little cute.

When Tasos met Andi, he had her do a cute little Lover’s Bridge stunt where they locked their initials together to wish for true love. Or something like that. Cheesy? Of course, but Andi seems to like cheesy and corny.

If she’s truly looking for a nice guy to love her, Tasos may very well be the one.

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Nick V.

Nick V. got the First Impression Rose from Andi. Usually that’s cursed, because the recipient has never ended up winning the show.

It’s possible that Nick could be the one to finally reverse that curse, because there was an unmistakeable chemistry between him and Andi.

He seems like a cute Midwestern boy, and his bio states that he is looking for a confident woman (like Andi). Also, he was so taken aback by receiving the first rose. It was very endearing!

I could definitely see the two of them having an adorable relationship filled with cutesy nicknames for each other.


Like Josh M., Patrick is tall, dark and handsome. He seems a bit more refined, though.

I can picture Patrick showing up at Andi’s workplace with a helicopter to whisk her away for a weekend of wine tasting at his family’s vineyard. Or something like that.

Even if Andi doesn’t admit it, I think deep down she is looking for a classy guy who she can show off to all her lawyer friends. She does seem like kind of a snob, right?

I also think Patrick is the type who will make a wonderful impression on her parents, and we all know Andi’s dad is a tough critic. Patrick could pass the parent test with flying colors, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Do you agree with my picks? If not, who are your early favorites to win Andi’s heart?

The Bachelorette airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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Lindsay Podolak

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