Save the date, Bachelor fans! Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are set to get married in a live ceremony on January 26, 2014 on ABC. The couple has had their share of gossip and public scrutiny ever since they got engaged in Thailand in the season 17 finale but it looks like they are about to beat all odds. If Sean does in fact marry Catherine, he will be the first in Bachelor history to tie the knot with the woman he chose.

While this event would most likely bring in huge numbers for ABC’s ratings, the entrepreneur and former suitor on The Bachelorette says his decision to wed on TV “just felt natural.”

“Our relationship started on TV. All of America got to go along that journey with us so we thought it would be fitting to have the marriage on TV,” Sean told Access Hollywood.

“I think it’s also fun just to have everything that we have really done together milestone-wise documented. I think it’s cool to look back and show our kids, ‘This is our first look at each other. This is our first kiss. This is when we got married.’ I think it’s just a really cool scrapbook into our relationship together,” added Catherine.

The couple also revealed to Access Hollywood how they cope with all the rumors about their relationship post-Bachelor, explaining that gossip only made their bond stronger.

“I think that only lasted a few months and now people are finally realizing, ‘Oh, hey, they are actually in love and this guy is a nice guy and he’s not cheating on her,'” Sean said.

At present, Sean and Catherine are still residing in Dallas in separate apartments. “We definitely wanted to take the more traditional route,” Sean explained. “That’s something to really look forward to once our big day gets here. We are going to start our lives together and we are going to move in together.”

In other news, Bachelor season 16 star Ben Flajnik and Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner are rumored to be dating. According to In Touch Weekly, the 57 year-old mom, who recently announced her split to husband Bruce Jenner, let Ben drive her Bentley when she was in Las Vegas for Kim Kardashian’s birthday

Ben denied there was anything romantic to his relationship with Kris despite photos surfacing online featuring Ben and Kris together. He also reportedly claimed that he had her car because they were “working on some projects together.” However, an eye witness revealed that Kris and Ben are more than friends. 

“Seems like they are really hooking up if she’s giving him her car while she’s away,” the source said. “She’s taken a real liking to him.”

What do you think of the Ben-Kris pairing?

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV