For the ninth season of ABC’s The Bachelor, they decided to step it up a notch and sent the women, hoping to fall in love, to Italy. There, they met a real live prince. Lorenzo Borghese was the lucky man that season. ABC added two Italian women once everyone arrived in Rome, which added tension in the house. Neither made it to the finale and Lorenzo ended up choosing Jennifer Wilson, a teacher from Florida. The two barely made it out of the gate before calling it quits and Lorenzo decided to try his luck with the runner-up instead.

According to a press conference call after the finale aired in 2006, Lorenzo said that his decision to choose Jennifer was not easy. In fact, he said that he made his decision only hours before going in front of the camera. In early 2007, when things became rocky with Jennifer, he called up the woman he didn’t choose, Sadie Murray, a publicist from California.  That didn’t last either and Lorenzo became a bachelor once again. His behavior during and after the show didn’t earn him any fans and in late 2007, he was voted America’s Least Favorite Bachelor in a special episode entitled, “Where Are They Now?”

Being the least favorite bachelor in the history of the show must not do wonders for one’s dating life. Fortunately for Lorenzo, he’s still a prince and he’s still rich. Still, he spends more time at the office than at the bars looking for women. He runs his family’s company, which produces pet care products, out of New Jersey, where he spent much of his life. Oh, you mean you didn’t know he’s not an Italian native? Nope. In fact, ABC sent Borghese to an intensive Italian seminar before he joined the show so that he could brush up on the language and the culture.  Poser!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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