A lot of things happened this week on The Bachelor, including Sean’s record-breaking kiss with Lesley, a group date that involved a competitive game of beach volleyball, Tierra’s tumble inside the mansion and Sean’s heartwarming date with Ashlee at Six Flags Magic Mountain. However, Kacie’s “mistake” seemed to have overshadowed all that considering Sean Lowe and other notable personalities from The Bachelor franchise have blogged about it.

Just to give you a refresher, Kacie talked to Sean about the Desiree-Amanda tension because she felt that she was getting caught in the middle but Sean got confused, asking her why she’s even getting involved with the drama. Sean even told her, “I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person that I’m seeing.” Ultimately, Sean sent her home.

Sean weighs in: “If I seemed frustrated when talking to Kacie, it’s because I was! I had a hard time understanding why Kacie decided to involve herself in this drama if she’s not directly affected. After all, neither Amanda nor Des felt like they needed to say something, so why did Kacie? I just felt like if anyone in the house should grasp the big picture, it was Kacie – and yet she wasn’t.” 

Not surprisingly, many reality TV stars share Sean’s sentiments regarding Kacie’s actions.

Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky weighs in: “Let me start off by being very clear that I am all for going to the Bachelor/Bachelorette about something you may see in the house that could affect him/her. On my season, Craig R came to me when he thought that Justin R wasn’t there for the right reasons, and I really appreciated that he did that. However, he came to me because he was concerned about me. Not because Justin was making his life harder in any way. The mistake that Kacie made was making the Desiree/Amanda drama about her and how it was affecting her. It didn’t really have anything to do with Sean. He was right to be confused as to why she was getting involved. Heck, I was confused too. Also unlike the Bachelorette, warning the ‘Bachelors’ about the girls never seems to go well. Maybe men want to trust their own feelings and feel they are being ‘told’ what to do when the girls bring up girl drama? I honestly don’t know. In the end, the situation is really too bad. I like Kacie. But she made a big mistake and I knew she was going home last night the second she did that.”

Bachelorette season 8 runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. weighs in: “I was so confused by Kacie’s decision to talk to Sean about Desiree and Amanda’s drama, and judging by the look on Sean’s face, so was he. It’s safe to say men don’t like drama. Kacie should have just concentrated on their connection, and not warned Sean about that nonsense. That pretty much sealed her fate. Did you hear him call her ‘crazy?’ By the way, girls, when a man calls you ‘crazy,’ it’s safe to say it’s over.” 

Bachelorette season 1 star Trista Sutter weighs in: “I am so sad for Kacie and just confused as to why she voluntarily got involved in drama. Historically, it’s never a good thing to let the Bachelor or Bachelorette in on if you’re feeling any negativity in the house. It’s just not. I can see myself wanting to do the exact same thing as Kacie and everyone else in the history of the show who’s brought up drama or dramatic people, but in that situation, it’s unfortunately all about holding your tongue, focusing on positivity, and taking advantage of the already limited time to get to know each other…not discussing others. I hope he can see past this.”

Bachelor host Chris Harrison weighs in: “Speaking of mistakes, boy did Kacie step in it this week. I’m not sure what the thought behind her strategy to get involved in the drama or bringing it up to Sean was, but man it backfired. After having been through this once before I was a little surprised she wasn’t a little savvier. Sean, who was already a little skeptical about her being there, was really thrown off by this and he ended up sending her home. I really thought the way he pulled her aside in the middle of the rose ceremony was classy. Not that the other ladies deserve less, but Kacie’s situation was a bit different and their prior relationship made it important to treat her a little differently in sending her home so early.”

Aside from talking about Kacie’s mistake, these reality TV stars also talked about who they thought stepped up their game this week on The Bachelor season 17. Some of the notable front runners this week include Ashlee, Desiree, Tierra, Leslie and Sarah.

Trista’s picks: “I absolutely LOVE Ashlee’s date… I can’t imagine that any of the girls will give me chills like I got with your kiss with Ashlee and hope she is the one to get you on your knee during the final rose ceremony. Magic! The other front runners this week: Sarah (you can’t deny the chemistry he has with her when he arranges for her to see her dog!! SO thoughtful and so revealing), Selma (nothing to put a finger on except her beauty) and Desiree(there’s something in their kiss).” 

Ali’s picks: “My top three this week: Desiree, Leslie M and Tierra (Sean is really into Tierra. Even though we are seeing a different side of her).”

Chris’ picks: “Lindsay, who started off on such an awkward note with Sean has definitely recovered. She has really turned things around and Sean is very interested in her and ended up giving her the rose. Desiree continues to impress Sean. Amanda intrigues Sean but it may be moving more along the lines of baffling him… Tierra is an incredibly polarizing figure in the house and Amanda also seems to get the best of people. These women definitely see Sean as an amazing catch and they are starting to pull out all the stops to get his attention and win his heart.”

Do you agree with Sean and these reality TV stars? Who do you think are the front runners this week on The Bachelor?

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