Chris Soules started with 30 women at the beginning of The Bachelor season 19 but he has since narrowed down the competition and after all the drama and truth bombshells from the hometown dates, we’re now down to our final three women. So who among Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn is the most compatible with Chris? Find out what Bachelor Nation thinks:


Chris Soules: “Becca’s family is truly fantastic. They’re tight-knit and loving, and they’re all beautiful. I felt at home there because they reminded me of my family. I could see myself fitting in with that family, and I could see our families meshing together perfectly… Hearing from Becca’s sister, Katie, that Becca was not an intimate person definitely worried me. I’m very intimate, and intimacy is a very important part of a relationship for me.”

Sharleen Joynt: “My prediction that Becca will stay over Kaitlyn is research-based. It speaks volumes that Chris took Becca on a second one-on-one a mere two weeks after her first one.”

Chris Harrison: “The big question with Becca is, does she know exactly what she wants in life? As we learned on her hometown date, she’s never been in love. Her family was shocked to see that she was even holding hands with a man. That has to worry Chris. He’s a 30-year-old man who knows what he wants in life and in a wife.” 


Chris Soules: “Whitney looked damn sexy in those scrubs. Even sexier was how smart she is and how passionate she is about what she does. I could tell how proud she is of her career, and it’s really remarkable that she completes people’s families for a living… The past couple of weeks had been so hard and so heart-wrenching, but hearing Whitney say those words made everything worth it” 

Nick Viall: “You can tell Chris really digs Whitney, just seems different than the rest.” 

Sharleen Joynt: “Her hometown date sealed the deal for me. Whitney and Chris seem to bring out the best in each other…  Above all, heading into meeting Whitney’s family, Chris says, ‘This is the last time I’m going to see your family until that final day. I want their blessing… I want someone who’s important to you to give me that blessing. I want to talk to them about that.’ Can you imagine him ending up with anyone else after that??” 

Chris Harrison: “Whitney became the first girl this season to flat out tell Chris she’s in love with him. It was a powerful moment and that really felt like a game-changer.” 


Chris Soules: “Seeing that billboard with Kaitlyn’s and my names, I knew what that meant. I knew she was on her way to being in love, and it was her way of telling me how she felt. Knowing that Kaitlyn had been reserved in the past with her feelings, it meant the world that she put herself out there like that.”

Catherine Lowe: “Ok this date between Kaitlyn and Chris is SO Sean and me. Chris and his whiteness are blinding. #TheBachelor  Everyone saying that Kaitlyn reminds you of me, thank you.”

Sharleen Joynt: “It pains me to predict Kaitlyn’s departure, but I just don’t see this dynamic, urbane woman settling down in a town of 429 to make babies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think she’s too good for that. If I felt she and Chris shared this palpable, one-of-a-kind connection that jumped out of the television screen, I’d say she should pack up and move to Arlington. But since I see that connection more strongly with Whitney, I think Kaitlyn should move on to greener pastures… (ahem, #KaitlynForBachelorette)” 

Chris Harrison: “Did she say she loves Chris? Yes, she lit up a billboard that said Kaitlyn ‘hearts’ Chris — but does that count? I say no! It’s one thing to show him something or write it, but it’s another to look him in the eye and say it. So I’ll only give her credit for half an ‘I love you.'” 

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Dean Bextor

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