ABC and the producers of Dancing with the Stars just can’t catch a break. They keep trying to solicit high-profile celebrities for season 16, airing this spring, and receive rejections each and every time. First, it was Ann Romney, then Lindsay Lohan, and now it’s the man behind the most talked about scandal right now.

Lindsay Lohan Rejects Offer to Join DWTS >>>

While the coincidence of this EW report may lead people to think ABC asked Lance Armstrong after he confessed to using performance enhancing drugs, the network actually sent out an offer before the highly-publicized Oprah interview that brought in 4.1 million viewers on its first night.

But get this: There are certain celebrities that are asked on a regular basis to join Dancing with the Stars. And Lance Armstrong is one of them. His spokesperson said, “Lance has been offered the show each and every year since its inception. Although flattered, he has passed on their generous offers.” In light of his confession, it’s a wise move to decline. Considering the bicyclist is one of the most hated men in the country right now, it’s doubtful he’d receive very much support from voters. Then again, maybe after some time has passed, he will have made a comeback and DWTS will be part of that transition.

Besides these three, Katherine Webb was rumored to be considering joining the show, but she has since put that talk to rest. She tweeted, “Love to dance! But no DWTS.”

If they can’t get Lindsay Lohan or Lance Armstrong, it seems we’ll be stuck with the same D-List “stars.” But maybe it won’t matter who they hire. Fans will still be enamored watching them struggle to dance at the start and in many cases improving and becoming accomplished dancers by the end of the competition.

Are you disappointed that Lance Armstrong has turned their offers down every single year? Will there be any high-profile stars dancing this spring?

Dancing with the Stars season 16 premieres March 18 at 8pm on ABC.

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